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Maryam Lasalle

“Friends are a dangerous thing. This is Friends (with a capital F), not friends - they are delightful things. If you meet any Friends, or worse any Radical Friends1), you should run away very, very quickly.”

— Extract from Felix's Fun Filo-Fax of Filing Facts

“For all her later part in bringing about the destruction of New Paris it would be deeply remiss for us to neglect to mention her part in creating the city in the first place. From the nuclear seed of the new city in and around Dix-huitième Arrondissement to the city's new Mound of Martyrs, she has shaped the city from its very rebirth in the fires of Mastema's destruction. So strong was her dedication that not even she, with the help of her now numerous Friends, could undo what she had done when she attempted a short decade later. So, for giving us a life in the face of certain war and death, New Paris thanks you, Maryam Lasalle.”

— from an Obituary

“One of the strangest items found amongst the wreckage is a leather-bound, handwritten journal. The inlay in the cover marks it as the property of one Maryam Lasalle - later investigation revealed this to be one of the instigators of the Radical Friendship project - though most of the early pages are torn out. All that now remains are the words “Thank you, Richard. Thank you, Kimaris.” written in 615 distinct forms of handwriting, and the imprint of the words “Thank you, Willow” clearly written on a page near the cover. Though the name of the demon Kimaris is well known to those who helped organise opposition to the Friends, the names 'Richard' and 'Willow' are unknown, as is the contents of the ripped out pages. Best speculation puts the different handwritings as belonging to all of those who were part of the hivemind at the time of the Incident.”

— Excerpt from a report from the Chief Investigator into the incident of New Paris, 2032.

1) this is written in a deep red ink for emphasis
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