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GM Note: This is an OC page for discussion, testing wiki syntax and just about anything else.1) It is not constantly moderated by GMs, and nothing written here should be considered IC knowledge.

coi ro te makfa

(After some searching, I have discovered that this is in Lojban, and shortly thereafter, what Lojban is. Using a Lojban translator, I deduce that the above says 'Greetings each [3rd conversion] witchcraft'. Greetings to you too.)

.i u'i la .lojban. tolmisno banzu lo nu la'o .gy. Google translate .gy. na se slabu .i .uiru'e ki'ubo mutce co nandu fa lo nu jimpe ja fanva ku lo drata be mi to ji'a lakne lo du'u no da cfifacki fi lo mi se cusku toi

Shipping Forecast

I'll See Your Opening Night: James/Madalena
Sounds Awful. I'll Read a Book: Nathaniel/being forever alone
N^2: Nathaniel/Nathan
Literary Nile-ism: Drew/River Nile
N^3: Nathaniel/Nathan/Nile
N^oh god please stop: Nathaniel/Nathan/Nile/Nell/Nicholas/Nadnozza
Heartless and Heartbroken: James/Drew
Bereaved, Belittled, and Besotted (am I): James/Ava
Jaque (Who is this guy seriously?): James/Zaque
Six-winged sixway - Seraph OT6
Cold Coffee: Zaque/Greater London
Together in Death:Nathaniel/Paris
Swile: Swindon/Nile
NeveRENDing Story/With You Till the REND of the Line/RENDgame/HorRENDous Undertakings/RENDs with Benefits: Nathaniel/Marika
In the Pale Starlight: Zaque/Lucifer
RENDship is Magic: Kimaris/Nathaniel/Marika
N^2H: Nathaniel/Holly/Nate
Axelcâkë: Axel vs. Angelcake
Companions in Trauma: Nathaniel/Holly
Love to Hate You: Holly/Marianna
Lord Voldemort's Hugs: Violet/Cole
“an eccentricity even I don't adequately understand the genealogy of”: Nate/Azrael
Water Fire Air and Dirt Fucking Magnets How Do They Work: Terra/The Iron Filings
Room for one more?: Holly/Nathan
But I want you: Nyx/everything
Adorable Nerds OMG: Max/Lauren
Hidden Order Power Couple: Vyania/Holly

Jazrael The Magnificent, Truest of Ships, Pairing To End All Pairings, Officially Endorsed By The Entire GM Team And 100% Canon: James/Azrael
OFFICIAL AMENDMENT: Not all GMs endorse this pairing. #notallgms
UNOFFICIAL AMENDMENT: but like all the GMs should endorse it. it has the full backing of Jay J. who is me if that wasn't clear.
CAMPO notice could the GM or GMs who doesn't endorse this please step forward. I think we need to have A Discussion.
*Steps Forward*

There are even more people starting with “A” if you want some sort of enormous alliterative polygamy. – White chain (definitely not involved)
You're involved with at least one person whose name begins with a…

Incorrect Omen Quotes

Note: these are quotes from popular media incorrectly attributed to various characters - accuracy is unnecessary!

Zaque: I have never done anything wrong in my life.
James: I know this, and I love you.

Nathaniel: I hate you with every inch of my being.
James: That’s not a lot of inches.

“I feel like I’m the Paris of people.” – Paris, probably

Nathaniel: You’re looking at the master of leaving parties early. I don’t mean to brag, but - New Year’s Eve? I was home by 9:00.

James: You won't like me when I'm angry.
Nathaniel: I don't like you ever.

Nathan: Sometimes the truth hurts. In these situations, I recommend lying.

Nathan: People always shoot down my ideas and I’m sick of it. Two sentences in and everyone’s already shouting “What the fuck that’s illegal!” and “You can’t do that!” Let me talk, dear god.

Paris: That's too much responsibility. I gotta find a way out of this.

Paris: The English language cannot fully capture the depth and complexity of my thoughts. So I'm incorporating emoji into my speech to better express myself. Winky face.

Marika: Everyone's a hero in their own way! You, and you, and mostly me, and you!

Melanthius: This is crazy, but I'm having feelings again. Like some kind of fourteen year old kid or something. You remember feelings right?
James: Yeah I have feelings every single day of my life.
Melanthius: Do you?
James: Are you telling me you don't have feelings?

Hallowed Chamber: Don’t underestimate us. Our team’s motto is ‘maybe we’ll get lucky this time.’

Nathaniel (to the group going to the Andes): Point is, stick to the list and you'll do great. I have total faith in you.
Nathaniel: There's like a 30% chance they'll all die.

Nathaniel: We're not quitters.
James: I'm a quitter! I come from a long line of quitters! It's a wonder I'm on earth at all.

Yamachael: I guess I'm just too tough to cry.
Ruby: Just this morning you were crying about snakes.
Yamachael: They don't have any arms!

Paris: I don't know who Elias is, and at this point I'm too afraid to ask.

Nathaniel: Do you ever think about these things before you say them, or just…?
Paris: Yeah, I do. I think, “Wow, that’s brilliant. I should say that out loud.“ And then I say it out loud, and it’s spectacular.

Drew: I fall in love with everything. I also hate everything. It’s very hard to be a misanthrope and a romantic.

Zaque: Your poetry's shit.
Drew: Don't talk to me or my 47 poems ever again.

Olli Barret: I just realized I've survived everything I've ever encountered in life. I have a 100% survival rate. I'm fucking nailing it.

Havering Hill: I have to love everybody.
Nell: that's awful. You poor thing.

Nell: Are you shagging or just related?
Zaque and Gideon: NO NO NO NO NO NO ICK…….yes.

Eli: I work best alone, I eat best alone, and I sleep best…
Eli: (Starts crying)

The Slough Institute, probably: Rules were made to be followed. Nothing is meant to be broken.
Anthony Harkens: Uh, piñatas?
Eli Blackmore: Glow sticks.
Max Goldstadter: Karate boards.
Ashley Malone: Spaghetti, when you have a small pot.
Anthony Harkens: And rules!

Allegra Jones, probably: We have one activity planned: not getting killed.

Everyone: The Nile is definitely out of my league. Actually, we're not even playing the same sport. It's kind of like they're in the World Championships and I work at a souvenir shop next to the stadium.

Holly: I'm not bitter.
Narrator: She was bitter.

Nathaniel: Thanks for agreeing to see me.
James: I didn't. You just walked in and started talking.
Nathaniel: I don't have time for a history lesson.

James: Hey remember that time you dared me to go to Ancient Mesopotamia with the pawn of my nemesis?
Nathaniel: No James, I said don't go to Ancient Mesopotamia with the pawn of your nemesis, and you said 'fuck you, you don't tell me what to do' and did it anyway.

Drew: You read my diary?!
Zaque: I didn't know it was your diary. I thought it was a very sad handwritten book.

Nathaniel: live fast die frequently

Holly: Death sucks, you all suck, I hate you

James: Don't join the murder cult.
Nathaniel: Someone's gotta do it!!!

Max: Seekers don't kill people, Mastema kills people

Ashley (also Kimaris) (also Maryam) (also quite a few characters):

Holly: Never forget what you are, Imp, for the the rest of the world won't. Wear it like armour, and it can never be used against you.

Nathaniel: You can trust my opinion because I have a lot to gain by being right and I have severe tunnel vision about achieving my goals.

Kimaris: Lucifer… you are my mother, and I love you. But you are a great big bag of dicks.

Literal Angel/Demon Name Translation

WARNING: may contain spoilers for further into the game, if the GMs actually did some research on Hebrew for the made-up angels.2) So probably not.

Feel free to add any angel you meet or hear of to the list, even if you do not know the meaning of the name. Someone would surely be happy to translate.

Michael(מיכאל)- “Who is like God?”

Gabriel(גבריאל)- “My strength is God”

Uriel(אוריאל)- “My light is God”

Raphael(רפאל)- “My healer is God”

Camael(כמאל)- “How much God?”

Chamuel(חמואל)- “Wrath of God” (might be what the GMs meant by Camael)

Qemuel(קמואל) -“One who rises before God” (ditto)

Camel(קמאל) - “Camel” (probably not what the GMs meant by Camael) Alternatively, “God has awoken”

Azazel(עזאזאל)- “The goat of God”

Raziel(רזיאל)- “Secrets of God”

Muriel(מיוריאל)- “Perfume of God”

Yamachael(ימכאל)- “The sea that is like God”

Yamahachael- “God is like a motorbike”

I want my copy of the Sepher ha-Razim3) back, dammit. That has 900-odd names for you lot….but someone walked off with it. -Jen

Adularia- “moonstone”

Zenobia- name of an ancient queen

Murmux - demon of rad synths

Samael(סמאל)- “The drug of God”/ “God has put”

Nathaniel(נתניאל)- “God has given”
(I'm going to pretend that this was deliberate… - EB)
(Bloom - “up on this one” - MC)

Eshiel(אשיאל)- “Fire of God”

Tzeliel(צליאל)- “Shadow of God”

Since there's nowhere else to put them and there's not enough of them to justify their own subsection:

Leviathan(לוויתן)- “Whale”

Behemoth (בהמות)- “cattle” (plural, singular form: “Behema” בהמה)

Ziz (זיז)- “pivot/hinge”

Out of Context Quotes

Quotes actually said in session for some reason.

James: …So you accidentally fought a giant lobster.

James: You're annoyed because I'm helping?
Nathaniel: I'm annoyed because your actions make no fucking sense!

Zaque: I'd like to formally announce to everyone at this table that I did not kill Lucy.

Jonah: Oh you're the Gaian of the cupboard.

Moses Walker: I think he has misunderstood how life works.

Melanthius: I felt, empathy towards other human beings. It was disgusting.

Various Iron Filings: But WHAT IS A WUMPUS?

Artemis: So, you're murdering a harbourcult?

Drew: I can't believe I have a line and that line is apparently blow job jokes with air gaians.

Madalena: But who let the dogs out? Who, who?

Drew to James: Do you know what I'm gonna do? I'm going to put coffee in his tea.

Cole: You are my worst children.

Isralin: The Monkey has a point.

Nadnozza: My quest for explosives is not going well.

Various PCs, to Nadnozza: So you became an angel, by making a deal with… a demon?

Nathan: I think our encounter with 616 has less to do with some mysterious connection between it and Lucifer and more to do with the fact that you made the summoning circle out of spaghetti.

Vinyana: What happened to you?
Nadnozza: I died.

Holly: Why does no one offer to make me a demon? Do they not like me? Do they think I won't be interested?

James: Nathaniel I need to talk to you.
Nathaniel and Drew: NOT NOW.
Jonah: Nathaniel I need to talk to you.
Nathaniel and James: NOT NOW.
Nathaniel and Jonah: NOT NOW.
Someone: Jonah-

Nadnozza: Fuck Death!

Axel, to the Filings: May I at least remind you that it is impossible to picnic properly on the moon using spacesuits.

Nathaniel (to Artemis): I think I might actually be experiencing personal progression… although, it could just be dizziness from all the rending. Marika - rend me again, just so I can be sure?

Ashley: first off - idk im not some kind of badass deathmaster but

Moses: “Don't talk to me or my wife-arm ever again!”

Amina: “Let's crowd fund it!”
Nathan: “We're not crowd funding souls!”

Violet: :D … D:

Nate: I leave this to the Filings. Inexplicably.

James: “I am not drunk enough for this shit!” *Holds up hip-flask* “and this is straight whiskey!”

James: I'm one of the most apathetic people I know!
Layla: Congratulations, you're amongst the people who give the most shits about this.

Brilliant lines from our turnsheets

Respek to the GMs.

Lemon Mousse (Rhubarb Crumble): Plus, there's valuable research to be consumed. I mean, done.

Amina, shortly before the moon mission: Like, I know from that briefing that there's a whole bunch of stuff on that rocket we don't really need. It's like a car, right? Sure, you're supposed to have a spare tyre, a jack, a pump or whatever, but you don't, like, *need* need it.

Nadnozza: Just accept it: death is going to die.

Elide Words Starting with W: Elide Words… words words words words who what why which jump jape jabberwocky water went james wood jelly jam jet jail will…

Huh. I guess they don't serve hearts as a local delicacy here? Maybe that's Brazil.

Nathaniel: My mind is my own. I mean, that's not entirely true, but it sure as fuck isn't yours.

Out of Context OC Quotes

Quotes actually said by our characters' IRL counterparts at some point.

Emma: You do these things because you hate me, don't you.
George: nonsense
I do it because factions are like pringles, once you pop, you can't stop

Emma: Why are the White Quill so crap? They're crap! They're just… really crap.
(As a note: I absolutely love the White Quill and its players; my comment was purely on our effectiveness as a coherent unit. :P - EB)

Florence: Ethics, Linguistics, Athletics, Dog.
Jack: Ethics, Linguistics, Athletics, biscuits.
Jack: with funding from the Iron Filings.

Emma: Hey now, Nathaniel has, like, three whole friends! Almost. Ish.

Jay J: So my last email was essentially 'fuck you you fucking fuck'.

Steph E: I've turned into Emma - 47 emails between me and Jay [CORRECTION: 58]

Emma: Evil uncle. Prone to chronic fits of inexplicable rage. Angstily debating whether or not to commit murder. Fuck. NATHANIEL IS HAMLET.

Emma: Nice, steady progression is boooooring. And also ideologically inconvenient when it comes to justifying murdercults.

George: at least your world-ending personal crisis doesn't involve the bloody filings though

Emma: Someone needs to take one for team, the team being team Death.

Emma: We should be Death buddies!

Katy (on Nathaniel): It's wonderful
Any time anything good happens to him, I know he'll just destroy it

Idan: I just had to pick the one demon trying to become an angel.

Teofil: Aah … the ultimate evolution of the new friendly version of the Seekers … the Society for Friendship and Peace. We can call it - Soc-FAP!

Angel: There are some who call me… Tim.

Jay J: I'm so disappointed I won't be there to flirt with Lucifer.

Paul: You can't tell my murder boner what to do!

George: She's a maniac.
Idan: I know, she KILLED ME!

George: They're nice guys!
Idan: They KILLED me!

George: You're not special anymore Nathaniel, we're all glorified USB sticks.

George: Am I the only one here who's human and wants to remain human?

Connor: If someone built a memorial to me, would you come and destroy it?
Dave: Yes, but not just because I respect you.
Connor: *nods*

Idan: A demon, an angel and a gaian walk into a bar…

Zac: I like Nadnozza a lot more now. I can touch him without hurting myself. 4)

Hannah: It's like capitalism, but for cults!

Zac: I've done something no human should ever do… Gone full Filings.

Jay: So, apparently being rended is enjoyable?
Emma: It was supposed to be mockery, to begin with!
Jay: Never do anything ironically. It will only end up being sincere.5)

Vladimir & Joar, from behind you, dressed almost identically, in near perfect unison: we'd like to talk to you about hive minds

Zac: We all know the most effective way to kill the Nyx would be to lock it and Amina in a room with a dwindling supply of oxygen.

  • surely we should lure it there with a bowl of milk?
    • I think you might need some linguistics magic to reinterpret Nyx as Nix
      • Ah, White Chain - through your careless linguistic wordplay you have summoned from the depths of the Nether none other than me,

Florence [about Nate]: the knocking him out thing is about 50% because I think it would be useful and 50% because I think it would be funny
I've sent some incredibly shady-looking emails asking people if they know how to make chloroform it's amazing
Emma: There was no way I wasn't going to include it in the action. WE'RE KNOCKING YOU OUT BECAUSE WE CARE.
also sedatives genuinely didn't occur to me until you brought them up, I was just planning on hitting him really hard
Who needs sedatives when you have three points in combat??

Emma: Kinkshame Nathaniel Bloom.
Florence: What do you think I've been doing all game???6)

Idan (To George): “Renting room” should totally be a quirk. You'd probably have it multiple times- Seriously, how many have you got in there?

Matilda: Mastema owns your ass.

Sally: 'Average Omen player rended ten times per session' is actually just a stastistical error. Nathaniel Bloom is an outlier and should not have been counted.

Emma: “I'm not sure what's going on, but I'm sure its your fault!”
George: “Why my fault?”
Florence: “Because you're involved with everything?”

Katy: Giving PCs the souls of dead NPCs is my new favourite thing, and I'm sad it took me this long to discover it
Emma: Oh my god, Katy. Your second favourite thing is apparently getting people to date the seraph of Death. THIS HAS BEEN A VOYAGE OF SELF-DISCOVERY FOR EVERYONE, I GUESS.
Katy: Oh no, that is my favourite thing. NPC souls can be my second favourite

STEVIE NYX [gif warning]

My favoured servitor, Axel Jones, you have called me forth, and, oh sweet wonderful you, you make me happy with the things you do. You called, and I answer, my many mouths singing Fleetwood Mac melodies unheard by human ears.

What would you ask of me?

Could you help me translate this rock by a distance of (-1)3/2 * c * 20s ? – White Chain
(Also could you not use unicode fullwidth characters for text formatting: eww.) – Still White Chain

Dank Memes

What's YOUR Iron Filing name?

Yamachael ⇒ Sensations Associated With Chocolate

Yzrelin ⇒ #3edgy5u

Nathaniel Bloom ⇒ Hypothetical Vindication

Holly Prague ⇒ Doing Good Things for Bad Reasons7)

James Nasir ⇒ Fuck It Why Not

What are YOUR Celestial Trappings? (As in, if you were an Angel/Demon)

Nadnozza ⇒ A black feather set to swinging like a pendulum.

Nathaniel Bloom ⇒ voluntarily allow your enemy to gain some kind of advantage over you

Holly Prague ⇒ Something from the summoner's body, i.e. blood or a lock of hair.8) Flattery/groveling also goes down well - she'd totally be one of those celestials.

Richard Munroe ⇒ Richard Munroe

Sam Calavera ⇒ A suitably fancy hat

Nell ⇒ a mug of black coffee, a hot tub filled with seawater, and an Excel sheet so beautifully macro'ed it makes your heart weep.

James ⇒ Help someone you hate for no discernible reason. Summoning both Nathaniel and James simultaneously is an occupational hazard. This does not generally end well.

Ash ⇒ use cosmetics to write a secret confession on your own body in a language no-one but you can read - then wash it off. Or bake some cakes or something.

Nate Quail ⇒ The ritual burning of an item important to your sense of self and identity. It also helps if the summoner is tripping balls at the time.

Violet ⇒ a thrifted book (the more hands it's passed through the better) with extensive notes and bookmarks from someone who isn't the summoner. Something that the summoner would have given to a close friend.

Zaque Stonewell ⇒ Something that literally anyone else wants/finds interesting. Alternatively, James Nasir
(Does this mean that summoning James, Nathaniel AND Zaque together is a real risk, because dear lord. - EB)
(I think the biggest risk there is having to deal with Nathaniel and Zaque simultaneously - MC)

wow same

Solutions to Problems You Didn't Know You Had

A selection of obscure, overly specific and amusing verbs. Take these as solutions at your own risk. Mostly taken from Luciferous Logolepsy.

  • Antevert - To displace a body organ forwards.
  • Bibble - To drink often or much; or to drink or eat noisily.
  • Crimp - To kidnap people to serve as sailors by coercive techniques such as trickery, intimidation, or violence.
  • Dealate - To rob or divest of wings. (Do angels even have wings?)
  • Devein - To remove the intestinal vein from the back of a shrimp.
  • Discarnate - To deprive of bodily existence.
  • Dizen - To dress in a gaudy fashion.
  • Endiablee - To put the devil into. (might actually be very useful)
  • Estivate - To spend the summer.
  • Groak - To watch people silently while they're eating, hoping they will ask you to join them.
  • Intercalate - To insert into the calendar.
  • Levant - To flee from creditors.
  • Nephrectomize - To surgically remove a kidney.
  • Malinger - Feign illness, especially to evade duty.
  • Paralogize - To be illogical; To draw unwarranted conclusions.
  • Perhiemate - To spend the winter.
  • Vastate - To make immune. To purify through fire. [Which discipline does this go under? I'm asking for a friend. - RM. The only place I can see this used is in Swedenborg's Schmidius Marginalia (wow - deep dive), where it's used in reference to the purification of spirits in line with Swedenborg's somewhat esoteric conception of the good and the true. With that in mind, I'd say it's a conjunctional - athletics/ethics/linguistics solution. - LO]
  • Absquatulate - To leave quickly or in a hurry; to take oneself off; to decamp; to depart, flee. (I actually found this in usage rather than a silly-word list.)
  • Cornobble - To smack somebody with a fish

I'm sad this didn't make the list. Though I am not sure of the practical use:

  • Autodefenstrate - To throw hurl oneself out of a window
    • Possibly as an oddly specific escape plan? look into the Prague Defenstrations. -JM
      • That wasn't autodefenestration, that was regular boring-ass defenestration. - TL
      • This has officially had some form of practical use as of last turn -IM

Rejected Magical Disciplines

  • HomeEconomics
  • Antics
  • Volcanics
  • Narcotics
  • SweetTrics
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Heroics
  • Cybernetics
  • Histrionics
  • Mosaics
  • grep ics$ /usr/share/dict/words
  • Eurythmics
  • Politics
  • Calisthenics
  • Pick 'n' Mix
  • Workaholics
  • Geriatrics9)
  • Statistics
  • Turnsheet-o-matics
  • Erotics10)
  • Idiotics
  • Italics
  • Mimics
  • Picnics
  • Stereophonics
  • Weetabix
  • rhythmic gymnastics
  • lipsticks
  • dominatrix
  • theatrics
  • calorifics
  • soporifics
  • fanfics
  • dialectics

Wildly Inappropriate Things to do with Your Curse

'Feel the pain of others':
Become a therapist
Test the theory that while undergoing surgery people do feel pain they just forget!
Engage in an S&M orgy which will be thoroughly confusing for most people involved

'Things spontaneously combust around you':
Become a fire fighter
Work in a paper factory
… Plan anything involving chloroforming one of your closest friends
…Assemble a pile of flammable objects whilst in a small spaceship with a rapidly dwindling oxygen supply no wonder I tried to kill you

'Hurting Angels makes you physically ill':

'Experience a flash-forward to your own death every time you rest'
… Honestly, I'm not sure what the appropriate response is to that one

'You are suffering from waking dreams, that cause you to every so often relive the moments of death of those you have brought close to death.'
Kill fewer people Learn to revel in the feeling of being alive and victorious

'You have frayed your metaphysical connection to the Earth.'
… make it into a patchwork quilt with the Snarl.
…go on a metaphysical spacewalk.

'You will feel empathy with the stories of those around you, whether you want to or not.'
…hang out with really boring people and continue your plan for World Domination (TM)

F5 / ⌘R / refreshing recent changes mutual support station

Posting so I don't go berserk. This is a space for mutual support for those of us who have to physically restrain ourselves from opening a new tab and hitting those sweet sweet recent changes every quarter of an hour. if u can see this and youre not a gm then you need to be here too, don't be ashamed. - LO

Eat sleep refresh omen repeat clickclickclickclick - AA

do any of y'all remember the Cthulhu Mythos being the last item in the 'omen inspiration' list here: i think that's new. - LO

Recent changes page agrees. If the Aether and 616 are gone, I wonder what will appear if experimental summoning goes wrong… - RM

welp - WELP

I think I broke my F5 key, this may be the literal worst thing ever -DS

  • ^ This remains my favourite thing on the playground - GMCA


Seraph datability

I've heard lots of times that Azrael is the least datable seraph, but which of the others have people actually tried dating? What's the datability order of all of the seraphim? What about including the elemental gaians too? (I'm still thinking of them as gaian seraphim until I get a strong refutation.)

Date one water Gaian, you've dated them all. -JM

Thanks to you idiots there's only 1 Seraph left, making Azrael both most and least datable Seraph. Good work, guys. - TL

Omen Related Pickup Lines

In honour of the fact that the next Omen session is on Valentine's Day, give me ur best cheesy omen-related pickup lines.

  • Hey baby, are you the Seraph of Death? Because you've stolen my soul.
  • They say Death ends life, but my life only began when I met you.
  • Death is a part of life, and you need to be a part of mine
  • Celestial: Did you loot my corpse? Because you seem to have stolen my heart.
  • Are you a water Gaian? Because you're making me wet.
  • I happen to be a cunning linguist.

Omen Character Alignments

Nathaniel Bloom - Lawful Kinky ANGSTY
Nate Quail - Chaotic Fuckup
Holly Prague - Neutral Done With This
Layla Tov - Neutral Desperate
Amina Ångëlcâkē - Chaotic chaotic
Ashley Malone - True[ly] Happy
Maryam Lasalle - Plural Neutral
White Chain - Scientific Evil
James Nasir - Chaotic Apathetic
Jim Crichton - Chaotic Violent
Dr Starling - Chaotic Good-he-hopes-he-really-hopes
Nell - Aquatic Neutral
Violet Hale - True Cinnamon

Dispatches from the alternative timeline where the Radical Friendship Network won

1) probably mostly memes
2) the gms definitely did not do research and apologise for the pain this is undoubtedly causing
3) The Book of the Thin
4) my brain switched the verbs in this around the first time I read it, which changes the meaning significantly - MC
5) Get on my level - GMCA
6) Seriously peopledemons, put these things in the correct place!
7) a larp group consisting of RPGsoc members was once painfully accurately described as: Good people doing Bad things for the greater Good, Badly. - JR
8) With exceptions - she isn't showing up for your dirty toenail clippings.
9) or many other names from Asterix
10) I'm surprised this took so long. The tone of the playground has clearly gone up compared to previous games
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