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The White Quill

The White Quill is a group dedicated to the veneration and study of angels. They view angels as flawless beings and try to emulate them and find out more about their role in the world, particularly focusing on the part they play in death and the afterlife. For the first few hundred years after their founding, the White Quill was fanatically dedicated to the worship of angels, however after a change in leadership and the advent of the internet at the end of the 20th century, the faction underwent rapid change. What was once an insular and fanatic faction became much more open minded and opened its doors to all. The faction has since taken steps to distance itself from the darker parts of its past, which the witching community has in general accepted.

Naturally, The White Quill views demons as evil creatures, because they oppose the angels. On the other hand, they have little interest in Gaians, who to them simply represent an aspect of our world. Our world is boring. The White Quill is now much more open minded towards others than they used to be, but there are still many tensions between the White Quill and those that commune with demons. However, while the White Quill may dislike these people, they would never advocate violence against them.

The White Quill as they are now naturally have a strong interest in summoning as a primary method of contacting angels. The White Quill maintain their own records of the rituals and offerings they have found successful in summoning angels, and consider themselves an authority on the subject.

Nowadays, the faction makes good use of modern technology and the internet, with internal debates raging freely in forums and chat rooms. There are many popular theories about the nature of angels and celestials that fall in and out of fashion within the faction. The faction is widespread; in nearly every town you could find, if you knew where to look, some small meeting room filled with notes and books that belongs to the local White Quill members.


The White Quill has a long history. They have long been devoted to the worship of angels. The founding of the faction itself is lost to time, and it spread quickly across many countries and cultures. The faction has always been fascinated with and specifically worshipped the angels that guard the border between life and afterlife. Likewise, the ceremony involved in joining the faction today is identical to when the faction was founded, involving many pacts and pledges, although those outside the faction are not privy to the details of these.

The White Quill has a history of secrecy, although the White Quill today is very transparent and open. There are suspiciously few references to the White Quill historically, which some believe indicates a destruction of evidence by the White Quill of the past. That evidence which does remain details disappearances surrounding the faction, and more blatant crimes perpetrated by its members.

In the late 20th century, the council member Vance Ward was elected to the council. He had a strong history in the faction, having initiated over a thousand people as a local leader. Under his influence the faction transformed into what it is today, becoming much more open and apologising for any past cruelties. Very few of the members at the time resisted this change, most instead welcoming it. This caused an influx of new members, and now the faction numbers more people than ever, including many non-witches.


Within The White Quill there a simple but strict hierarchy. There is a small council of 10 who make most policy decisions, and guide the faction. The council is technically based in Toulouse, but are always travelling and visiting faction branches all over the world. This council elects new members from the local leaders, who are responsible for smaller groups of (usually) up to 100 members. The local leaders can recruit anyone, with the only requirement being they undergo all the relevant pacts and pledges.


Those who join the White Quills are usually witches and scholars, although some a handful still join simply for the worship of angels in itself. There are no strict entry requirements, all that needs to be verified is that the recruit shares the values of the White Quill, and their passion for research. Notable members include:

Irene King

A member of the council, and the faction's most respected authority on summoning angels. Irene is known to have summoned many angels personally and successfully, and all summoning requests from members must pass through her.

Vance Ward

The man responsible for reforming the faction, bringing a new era. His changes are credited with introducing thousands of new members to the faction, and his policies have created the White Quill today. All who meet him agree he's a honest and generous man, with a strong will. He is a bold and charasmatic leader.

Ava Hunt

Ava is a bright young student who has surged to become one of the most popular faction members online within just a few months. She is known to have completed a fair few summonings, and her insights and ideas about the nature of celestials are some of the most popular at the moment.

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