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Character Creation

The GM team would appreciate if all characters could be submitted before 00:01 Friday 14/10/16, but you're still welcome to come along and create a character if you find us after this time.


  • You have 5 points to spend in Background Knowledge.
  • For each advance in Background Knowledge you get one point in Skills of the same discipline.
  • You have 2 points of free positive quirks.
  • You may then take up to 4 points more of positive quirks, which must be balanced by negative quirks.

Who are you?

The first thing to think about is to ask yourself what sort of character you want to be, be this a bookish witch who's spent their entire life trying to get their local Gaian to notice them, a Demonic cultist who wants to spread their knowledge of the Celestials to the uninterested public, a home-grown witch who is excited and baffled to find out that there are people like them, or many other concepts. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Having a solid idea of who your character is, and what their goals are is really helpful to get the most out of a society game, as it helps you know how they will react when faced with hardship, and gives you something to work towards when you are struggling to find things to do. This doesn't have a stat representation - but it may help inform the ones you choose below.

Background Knowledge

A witch's Background Knowledge represents their broad understanding of the theory behind one of the five disciplines of magic identified by the Slough Institute. The more a witch understands of a discipline, the more likely they are to be able to recognise effects, guide more freeform applications of magic, and quickly discover or recall information in the penumbra of their discipline.

When you take a point in a Background Knowledge for a discipline you take a specialisation known as a solution. These represent more specific areas of effect where spells will be more predictable, powerful, and less prone to side-effects. Example solutions can be found in the Background Knowledge page.


Sometimes magic is too inefficient, indirect, or sluggish to be of the most use to a witch. In these circumstances, a witch must turn to their arsenal of Skills. These are the regular, direct skills that the majority of society can expect to have some of, for example the ability to organise a team of your peers, or the ability to patch up a wound someone's taken.

Some of the Slough Institute's more devoted thinkers have observed that different approaches to each skill come under the guiding influence of one of the five disciplines of magic. This is used to break down the representation of Skills into seven skills which can be approached from each different disciplines.

An Advance in a Skill allows you to take one skill in a new discipline. This need not be done in a discipline where you have spent advances of Background Knowledge, except for when creating a new character. The list of skills can be found on the Skills page.


Quirks represent unusual things about a character - be they physical or spiritual traits, unique possessions, personal relations, or more.

Each character starts 2 points worth of positive quirks, and can take up to four more points worth of positive quirks by balancing them with negative quirks (commonly known as flaws). Note that quirks and flaws can be gained and lost in play, and with effort even the most crushing of flaws can be overcome.

A list of quirks is provided on the quirks page.

Final Details

A name - your character is going to name so that other people know what to call you.

A background - everyone has history, and you should know where your character has come from. This is private, and only serves to give the GMs a better understanding of who your character is.

Any links to factions - there are a number of factions in the game which players could start the game as members of; starting as a member of a faction is not required, but gives your characters access to extra information at game's start, as well as some faction-specific quirks. If this is true for your character, make sure to mention it. You may start play in up to one faction, only but you may attempt to join others in play. It should be noted that attempting to join two factions which oppose each other will have significant consequences for your character.

A public bio - each character will have a short - short - public biography that all the other players can see which represents what is commonly and publicly known about them.


Every turn a character has an advancement. This is them training, studying, or otherwise developing their skills and magic. This action can be taken into gaining an advancement into any one of Background Knowledge, or Skills. You will have the advancement from the end of that turnsheet.



Background Knowledge:
* //Example Solution/Specialisations Here//

* //Example Skill/Subskill Here//

* // Example Quirk Here//

Public Bio:

Once you have filled out all of the details, please email it to, so we can look through it and make sure that everything is okay.

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