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Paris Clearwater (Sam P)

One of the candidates from this election was Paris Clearwater, a popular figure amongst the White Quill at the time. He had a large following of dedicated fangirls, apparently some of whom even journeyed back from Nyx to try to find him. Rumours did surface of a suspect past, and despite his charisma and beauty he was unable to best Aleister Jones for the council position, losing out on his popularity with existing council members.

The effects of Paris on the White Quill are indisputable, and it is my personal opinion that if it was not for his murder he could have been a major force holding the faction together, even despite the actions of Aleister Jones (which we will discuss in a later chapter).

— Extract from The Downfall Of The White Quill by Rachel Harper, published in 2035.

Paris Clearwater was notable for his loyalty to Azrael, right up until his murder by unknown parties. He was widely considered to be one of the most beautiful amongst the angels, and rumours say that he was one of the Seraph’s favourites.

— Extract from A Listing Of Angels Of Death by Myeong Song, published in 2026

Hey, whatever happened to Paris Clearwater? He just like, vanished. Any time I try to search for information, I just find out about Paris the city. So annoying - ArcticWitch2001

Nobody knows, it’s this big mystery. Have you not been paying attention at all? - AngelEyes

I heard he became an angel. Did you know Stacie, Macie, and Tracie? Apparently they met him after he became an angel. So he’s probably out there somewhere, doing whatever it is angels do. - Death_Pup

have you guys seen this new vlogger adaxia? she’s soooo cute - purpleraindrops

Oh my gosh yes she is! - AngelEyes

— From the Unknown Intent forums, from August 2021

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