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Example Turnsheet


  • Get Coffee
  • 'Industrial' Espionage

Action 1


Spend two weeks preparing a Mathematics ritual to find the definitive best place in Manchester to get coffee.


I really want a good cup of coffee. Like, really want it. So, last month, I made sure to download all the raw data I could find on where people get coffee in Manchester and what they think of it. I am a Mathemagician, so I'm going to use my Analyse solution to analyse all of this data until I get the definitive answer on where the best place to get coffee is. This is very important to me, so I'm going to spend as much time as possible on this.

If I have time, go get coffee there.

Relevant Items / Skills / Magic / Quirks
  • Background Knowledge: Mathematics 5
  • Solution: Analyse - to analyse the data, of course
Other Characters / NPCs Involved
  • Just me - as if I'd give up that secret

Action 2


Team up with Jimmy the Jock to take down Billy the Bard.


Billy the Bard has gone too far this time: he says he 'bringing Linguistics back'. He's not; it never left! So me and Jimmy are going to go over to his place after dark, and Jimmy is going to make a big noise outside to distract Billy. All the while I am going to sneak inside and look for anything incriminating - terrible half complete fanfiction, awful teenage poetry, stuff like that. We'll be able to blackmail him with them later. I'm going to bring my familiar, Olivia the Owl, with me to keep watch.

Relevant Items / Skills / Magic / Quirks
  • Stealth - 3 - Primary: Mathematics
  • Familiar - Olivia the Owl
Other Characters / NPCs Involved
  • Jimmy the Jock

Character Advancement

  • I will be advancing my background knowledge in Ethics with the Ruin solution

Minor Actions

  • Go get some fresh mice to feed to Olivia
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