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Character Creation

Can I play a Gaian or celestial?

You cannot start the game as a Gaian or celestial. However, there may be the opportunity to play them later in game.

What can I use instead of the medicine skill?

Medicine is dispersed under several skills. First aid generally comes under the survival skill, things like operating medical technology come under the technology skill. However, Omen is set on modern day earth - it is perfectly feasible for your characters to call an ambulance.

How do I counter stealth?

In terms of skills, you can counter stealth using your own knowledge of stealth. You may also use magic to counter a stealthy character (for example, if you have the aesthetics solution 'illuminate') but this generally has to be an active choice, rather than passive perception.

The World Today

Where exactly is Omen set?

The meetings that form uptime are set in the UK. However, Omen is a game looking at world-changing issues and as such will have a fairly international scope.

What is the state of equality in the world today?

Omen is set in an alternate universe where all genders are, and always have been, completely equal. Similarly, there is no discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity, and never has been. While there is a history of conflict based on ethnic divisions, there is not currently a problem with racism in the world. The idea of discriminating against someone based on any of this will seem absurd to a character based within this world.

Why does ethnic discrimination still exist historically in Omen?

Discrimination has shaped the world we live in today, and in order not to have to rewrite history completely we are saying it has historically existed. However, it does not make sense for your modern day characters to discriminate based on ethnicity.

What is the state of politics in the world?

The world can generally be assumed to be chugging along at a steady rate - specific political events are below the abstraction level of the game except where they directly intersect with character actions.

How does travel work?

Your character is likely to be able to travel between countries with minimal difficulty, and will generally be able to get along reasonably well once they're there. Unless, say, they're a wanted criminal, in which case that's probably the least of your worries. English is a fairly common lingua franca, but by no means universally known.

General Questions

How trustworthy is the information on this wiki?

Everything OC, along with character creation can be held to be accurate (barring GM errors). For everything else, what is stated on the pages is generally what is commonly believed by most witches at the game's start.

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