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Ivory Skye - Rowan M


Pronouns: they/them/theirs

A quick Google search will inform you that Ivory Skye has lead a somewhat varied life. In the top few results, you can see that they have published two books (one is young adult novel about a teenager who falls in love with an Angel; the other is a study of the ornamental weaponry of Medieval Europe), played a supporting role in a science fiction TV show about Vikings in space, and had been briefly involved in several sports, including curling, chessboxing, and snow polo. (Subsequent searches reveal that, yes, those are things people do.) One of the more recent news stories covers allegations of the use of real magic in their stage magic performance, instead of genuine sleight of hand.

After subsequently not being seen at all for several months, it seems Ivory has recently resurfaced and has been spotted around London asking if anyone knows anything about Lucifer.

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