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Turn 12 News

Megatsunami Hits Australia

An enormous wave, some three thousand metres high, has swept across the entire Australian landmass, killing all in its wake and levelling cities. Emergency aid workers from neighbouring countries have flown out to help where they can, although it seems doubtful that any survivors will be found.

Growing Calls for Universe to Release 'Update Patch' for Real Life

Whilst Real Life arguably suffers from the lack of any compelling core loops, it has traditionally made up for this by sporting superior graphics to almost any other offering. That was, perhaps, until now. We have received worrying reports of textures looking 'flat, poorly rendered', 'mapped incorrectly' and 'just, freaking weird. everything is freaking weird'. In addition to this, there have been a preponderance of graphical glitches, causing one expert commentator to announce 'this whole place looks kind of…well, fucked.'

The designer of Real Life could not be reached for comment.

Massive Increase in Magical Interest

There has been a pronounced increase in the amount of interest being shown by the populace at large on the place of magic in society. Apparently, this started as a result of an international festival to celebrate the place of magic in culture - a global event organised by Nicholas Queensbury and Nell Hadley with assistance from many prominent witches.

From deluges of enquiries causing both the admissions pages for Slough and the Iron Filings to crash, to heated discussions about why Gardener's Question Time has no panels with expertise in how to appease unhappy Gaians to demonstrations outside MPs offices with angry people demanding a response from the government on 'the threat of Nyx', this uptick in interested has already generated no small amount of chaos, and looks set to continue to do so.

Gaian Erotica Tops Bestseller Charts

The increased interest in magical fact appears to have had a corresponding rise in interest in magical fiction - more specifically, with a boom in Gaian-orientated literature! Bestseller charts are currently being dominated by Gaian erotica, with an older novel, Fifty Shades of Green, claiming the number one spot.

The Gaians featured in these titles have been, largely, unavailable for comment.

London Becomes Botanical Garden

A large portion of London centred around Richmond and the Kew Gardens has come into bloom, with plantlife sprouting everywhere, bringing modern life to a standstill in the affected areas. Numerous refugees from the affected area are looking for any explanation as to what has lost them their homes and livelihoods.

Paris Finally Rebuilt

After the continued efforts of many generous charitable organisations - including the Society for Friendship and Peace, BTB, and the Anna Filing Trust - Paris is blossoming, having been completely rebuilt. Early reports are that the city has a slightly different character now - more reserved and more resolved, but also…whimsical, inspired, and warm. Amidst the catastrophic destruction taking place in the rest of the world, Paris is a beacon of hope that not everything that is lost is gone forever.

London Volcanic Activity

The volcano which sprang up around London has been reported as behaving strangely. The volcano, which has become something of a tourist attraction, was closed off to visitors as witnesses in the surrounding area reported strange lights emitting from the crater and sounds of fighting and strange music. At around the same time, those in the surrounding area reported feeling a faint sense of what they described as 'narrative justice.'

Police are investigating the occurrence but, as it appears no-one was harmed, it is a low priority in compared to other present concerns.

Elias Bloom and Aleister Jones found dead

Elias Bloom and Aleister Jones have both been found dead in Elias's home in Haddenham. The incident is still under investigation, however we have learned that both victims apparently had their hearts cut out.

Bank of England Robbed

In a shock turn of events, the bank of England's main vault has reportedly been emptied. It's is still unclear at this stage what exactly has happened, as there is no obvious sign of a break in, and none of the security features of the bank had gone off. One of the guards at the bank had this to say:

“Well it's all very odd, isn't it. It being there one minute and gone the next. We have a lot of security feeds to monitor, but we look at each one every few minutes. I'm just baffled.”

Pyramids Everywhere

Bizarre, upside-down pyramids have appeared across the globe. These bizarre art pieces, also known as 'unpyramids', seem to be loosely connected to the festival celebrating magical culture and the arts.

The charming structures have captured the attention and interest of the worlds, with people racing each other to take selfies in front of each of the structures before they are, presumably, dismantled.


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