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Turn 6 News

Catastrophic Destruction Near Milton Keynes

A two mile-wide crater has appeared in what once was pastoral farmland a few miles from the city of Milton Keynes, and there is evidence of burns and shock waves for a further two miles beyond that. There is as of yet no official reason given for the destruction - which experts say would be comparable to a multiple hundred kiloton atomic bomb - but wounded eyewitnesses nearby report seeing a blindingly bright point in the sky, which seemed to be held aloft by eight wings. Comparisons are already being drawn to the disastrous events of Paris, but here no demand or warning has been given.

Bake Sale for Victims of Paris Disaster

The newly-formed Society for Friendship and Peace will be holding a bake sale at the upcoming Havering Hill meeting, in order to raise funds for the victims of the Paris disaster. Cake for a cause - amazing!

Dinosaur Skeleton Stolen From Natural History Museum

Dipply the Diplodocus, the iconic dinosaur skeleton at the Natural History Museum, has been stolen from the main hall of the museum, mere weeks after it had returned from a two-year trip of the UK. The many, many eye witness accounts are confused, but the general picture seems to show a man climbing onto the skeleton of the dinosaur, which suddenly starts moving of it's own accord. There are reports of some gunfire, and the Diplodocus bursts out of the front doors of the museum, through the streets of London, and down to the Thames, where it has not been seen since.

Light Seen from Slough

The cracks in the sky that have remained near Slough changed for one evening in early November, morphing into a solid column of light that could be seen for miles around. Unfortunately, the light show only lasted for a few minutes. There was evidence of activity when our reporters got on the scene, but no witnesses, and no real clues as to what happened.


Gaian experts have let it be known that henceforth the continent of North America is to be known as 'Adularia'. The citizens of Adularia have yet to comment on this rather bizarre turn of events.

Sales of tabloid newspapers across Adularia have plummeted as the continents suddenly experience a bizarre urge to tell the truth wherever possible. A considerable number of acts of violence have been reported as a result of families, partners, teachers and employees inexplicably deciding to tell those close to them unwelcome facts rather than polite fictions. The first major casualty is a well-known news channel, on which newscasters sat silent for three days straight, either unwilling or unable to reveal malicious gossip and damaging rumours around popular figures

Wildwood Spreads

Buckingham, Coventry, Cirencester and Didcot now join the list of British towns and cities currently metamorphosing into forests. This brings the count up to eleven sites, spread for the most part across the south of England. Ecologists remain baffled by the phenomenon.

Terror Over Torquay

Like Paris before it, British coastal town Torquay has been completely obliterated,​ the town turned to ash and the beach turned to glass. ​ Unlike Paris, however, it seems that two separate beings were involved in this one, albeit similar in nature. ​ Both, as before, possessed six wings and shone with a light that turned night into day and set everything nearby ablaze.

What's strange here is that the two beings seemed ​to be fighting, with their repeated clashes destroying much of the town before the victor incinerated what remained. The following message was left burned into the sky, surrounded by winged beings assumed to be Angels singing it out for all to hear:

The world stands ​on the brink of destruction.
Those who would reject Salvation, ​this is the fate that awaits you.
Here lie the ashes of the town that would shelter an Angel of Healing.
There can be no refuge for their kind,
For if they do not fall, the world will surely perish.

With no end to the attacks in sight, the question on everyone'​s lips is, “How many more will die before this ends?”

Slough Expansion Announced

A new campus for the Slough Institute has been announced, and with it an increased capacity on their courses. As part of the new expansion, a number of new full-time courses will be starting up, which will be combined courses of magic and other disciplines as a dual-honours course at the University level.

The new site will be based on the outskirts of the city, designed as a modern facility to accommodate all of the Institute's current needs. The long-term plan is to completely replace the current site at Hawthorne House, but once the site is completed, there will be a transition period when both sites will be open.


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