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The Greatest Show on Earth

What was initially thought to be some kind of groundbreaking surprise light-show in Paris turned out to be anything but. Witnesses report seeing a colossal, six-winged being ascending into the sky, shining brightly enough to turn night into day. People applauded the spectacle, before the city below suddenly started burning.

As the light from the figure intensified, the fires spread quickly, and soon the whole city was ablaze with no hope of stopping it. Eventually, everything just started to crumble to dust and ash, and before long the entirety of Paris was replaced by what appears to be a desert wasteland.

Once the destruction was over, the being responsible vanished, leaving no trace barring a message in the sky, written in flames.

Mortals, behold the power of the burning ones and despair.
This was no accident, and will happen again if no action is taken.
Only the fall of the blight known as the Angels of Healing will prevent further acts such as this.
The path to salvation is open. Now who will walk?
And who will burn?

Many were able to flee past the city limits and escape, but many more are unaccounted for, and the death toll is still climbing rapidly. Emergency services are doing what they can to help, but with the entirety of Paris' infrastructure utterly destroyed, any operations on a scale such as this are difficult, to say the least.

Closed Set Report to Have Created An Angel

A new missive has been posted online by the members of the Closed Set, along with pictures that are purporting to show an Angel that the Set have created from nothing more than human ingenuity and magic. The angel, dubbed Aleph Null by its creators, is supposedly weak and needs powerful artifacts from Aether to strengthen it, according to the post. The attached photos show a grainy, yet humanoid figure, that appears to be covered in snaking tattoos emanating from its forehead.

Greenery Overwhelms Gloucester, Bedford and Banbury

Gloucester, Bedford, and Banbury have all transformed into thick forests over the past month, in spite of the best efforts of civic officials. Most of the inhabitants of each of these towns have been evacuated, although a number of Missing Persons Reports have been filed. Worryingly, there are now also reports of unruly vegetation beginning to take hold in Southampton, Chester, Leeds, and Lincoln….

Natural History Museum to Hold New Exhibit About Magic

The Natural History Museum, London has made an announcement asking for enterprising witches of a historical bent to help collaborate on a public exhibition showing the interactions between magic and nature in history. The exhibition is intending to be launched in one months time, as part of a series of broader focused attractions being put on over the Christmas period. Those interested have been advised to approach Sam Laughton, at the museum.

Work Begins on a New Bath Spa

Work has begun in the city of Bath on a new spa that is designed to take pressure off of the old building, which is now approaching a decade and a half old. The building is supposed to draw from all the major architectural inspirations of the historic city, and is being designed and built by Bristol, Tuck and Bloodworth Ltd.

New Shadowblayde Album – Shock Change in Singer

The renowned power metal band, Shadowblayde, has announced their new album which is to be released within the next few weeks. Tosca's Kiss is a fresh re-imagining of one of Puccini's most famous Operas, Tosca. What is more surprising, than the move away from Shadowblayde's standard power metal roots, is the replacement of the lead singer, Arcayne, with Nemo, who no one has heard of, nor from before. Fans of the band, however, will be glad to know that they do a good job at imitating their predecessor's style.

Swindon Council Annex Destroyed

The unfinished Swindon Council Annex collapsed in an unexplained incident late last month. Early investigation looked to Bristol, Tuck, and Bloodworth as the architectural firm behind the project, after a similar building collapse with one of their other projects a few months ago, and in light of the alleged architectural peculiarities of the Annex. However eye witness reports and early examination of the site indicate several explosions around the site were the cause of the collapse, rather than issues with the design of the building. Police are looking into the matter, and are interested in any information relating to the whereabouts of an individual named Nadnozza. Fortunately only minor injuries were caused by the incident.

Viral Campaign Lands Angry Man Book Deal

A campaign to publish Mellifluous Algernon, self-proclaimed 'stylite' who 'hates everyone, all of you, especially your faces', has met with shock success following an online petition which went viral. 'From Aesthetics to Ascetics: The Mellifluous Story' is due to be published by Conglomerate House early next year.

Scientist Claims Lucifer To Blame for End of World

An article published today in the journal Antiquity reveals that the tablets stolen earlier this year (police enquiries are “ongoing”) are in fact a confession from Lucifer themselves. Apparently seeking “freedom” from the cosmic order, they linked their world with our own, in the process damaging the cosmic order and creating the “fall”. The cracks in reality were patched over using power from Earth. Power that is not limitless.

“The End will come again. Aether will be sustained by the Earth. Time. When the cracks reemerge and balance of magic the end is close. Death.”

That is to say, Lucifer has sacrificed our world as a temporary fix for their own. We demand our governments take action to stop this now!

NB. Icarus Palas has gone on record to say that this account is a gross misrepresentation of his work, and has urged people to 'actually read his papers'.

All Hallow's Eve?

Halloween is supposed to be the day when the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest. While we're not entirely sure that's true, there do seem to have been an increase in reports of spooky happenings recently. Coincidence? More after Halloween…

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