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Turn 4 News

Vigilante Justice?

A serial killer known as the 'lay-by butcher' was found dead in the early hours of the morning, throat cut in the same manner his victims. Police stated that the body they had recovered matched witness descriptions and the efit they had, though they are continuing to investigate the case. They condemned this latest murder in the harshest possible language, and have gone on the record that any such vigilante killers will be prosecuted with the full force of the law.

Yellowstone Disaster Averted

A small eruption of Yellowstone's supervolcano occurred last month, causing devastation to a small area of forest in the Yellowstone National Park. On the wholem this was an oddly muted affair, given the anticipated apocalyptic severity of such an eruption. Exactly what occurred has yet to be established, but the Gaian of Yellowstone is reportedly not responding to summons at present.

Cities in Bloom

Gloucester, Banbury, and Bedford are all looking remarkably pleasant and leafy at the moment. Congratulations are due to their town planners!

Shibaspeare's Corgiolanus - A Triumph Of Canine Theatre

Eli Blackmore has put on a once in a lifetime performance, an adaption of Coriolanus performed purely with dogs. Local news, reporting after the event described the mood of the audience leaving the theatre as uniquely poignant, and emotionally enhanced. All eyes are on Eli, to see what he will do next.

Bristol, Tuck & Bloodworth Cleared of all Charges

BTB have given a press release following the collapse of a building they designed last month. It has been revealed that they were contracted to build an unstable building, though the pretences for which were misleading, causing to the unfortunate incident. All criminal charges have been dropped against the company and their employees, following their full co-operation with the investigation.

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