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Turn 2 News

Apple Tart's Tart Apple Tart Smarts Seekers' Pride in Culinary Art

In the impromptu bake off organised between the Seekers and the Iron Filings, Apple Tart has been declared the winner by Independent Adjudicators, having fielded what was by all accounts a superlative (and, some would say, appropriate) Apple Tart. Are we seeing a renaissance in magical bakery?

Ashley Malone, the competitor for the Seekers, disported themselves passing well, fielding a set of cookies that one source has described as 'pretty good'.

Tomb Raider?

The Society for the Promotion of Ancient Magical History (SPAMH) have expressed concern over the loss of some important historical artifacts from a Mesopotamian dig site. The artifacts in question are a selection of clay tablets, believed to be of angelic origin, stolen by what SPAMH believe to be thieves working for an international artifact smuggling syndicate.

They urge anyone who knows anything about the missing tablets to come forward, as they could prove to play a vital role in piecing together the history of our interactions with Celestials.

Great Barrier Reef-reshed!

A coordinated effort by a number of conservation organisations has achieved significant improvements in the health of some sections of the Great Barrier Reef, giving hope that this underwater wonder may yet survive widespread coral bleaching. The Coral Relief campaign, fronted by actress Alicia Lines (Love Beneath the Waves) helped raise awareness of the pressures currently faced by the reef; associated donations have gone directly into marine conservation efforts. Concerns have been raised, however, at the tactics used by a minority of activists, most notably Benjamin (“Fireball”) Stralls, who has been condemned for allegedly using explosives against unauthorized fishing vessels.


Rumour is spreading of a cryptic message in blood-red lettering that supposedly appeared in an opera house somewhere in London. Information is scarce, but apparently it bears a grave instruction to 'do as you are told' and 'fear the wumpus', which is some kind of elephant-like creature from a children's book.

UFO over Cairo?

There have been several sightings of a mysterious bright light dipping out of the sky one night recently in the region 30km south of Cairo, in the region of Sakkara. This doesn't appear to be immediately connected to the cracks itself, but it has worried several local witches.

Anomalous Researcher, DarkLight HarvestScythe Returns to Defeat the Dead, has gone on record stating: “THIS IS TOTALLY A UFO PEOPLE. PYRAMIDS BUILT BY ALIENS? NOT SAYING ITS TRUE, BUT EVIDENCE IS MOUNTING!!!!”

Antarctic Uh?

“Hey… Antarctica? What the heck have ya done with ma drilling rig? We had a deal, ya know, and my company's supposed to have another month left to get out of your face. What's up with you?” Wayne Gunnison there, speaking on behalf of the Frass Corporation, in the wake of the total disappearance of an exploratory drilling rig not far from the Halley Research Station. The site was undergoing demolition in light of an agreement made with the Gaian of Antarctica two months ago. Antarctica has yet to comment.

Lucy Tankard DEAD

Shock has spread through the Slough Institute this morning as one of their researchers, Lucy Tankard, has been found dead in her office. The cause of death is as yet unknown, but police are treating her death as suspicious, in part due to many of her notes having seemingly been stolen or destroyed. The scene is being investigated as we speak, with questioning beginning some time tomorrow. Police are urging anyone who might have information on the incident to come forward.

The Institute would like to express their most sincere condolences to Lucy's family.


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