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Turn 11 News

New York Destroyed

The USA is in shock following the total obliteration of the city of New York by a colossal monster, which seems to have dropped a mountain on top of the metropolis. As yet, no survivors have been found, and aerial footage shows only dust and rubble for miles around. A state of emergency has been declared in the wake of the tragedy, with many residents of other cities leaving their homes in desperation. The President, who was on vacation at the time of the attack, urged Americans to remain calm, before looking confused and repeating the word, “Americans”. It would appear that the word “Adularia” is no longer being used to refer to the continent of North America….

Strange Object Falling From The Sky

A number of small metallic objects have been noticed falling from the sky across the south of England. Reports put them as mechanical in nature, and there is speculation that they are drones or probes of some sort. No one has yet come forward to claim responsibility, so they remain a mystery.

Paris Refugee Camp

A new building project in the remnants of Paris has sprung up recently, providing shelter for all the refugees who were residing in the wreck of the city. The new site has been designed to withstand any possible future incidents, and there is some discussion of expanding the project to allow Paris to start regrowing as a city.

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