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Turn 10 News

Forests Retreat from Lincoln and Banbury

The remainder of last year's invasive wildwood is now confirmed to be dying out in Lincoln and Banbury; this announcement signifies the successful reclamation of every town and city previously afflicted. Meanwhile, a new forest has appeared just outside Biddlesden, Buckinghamshire. The local authority has confirmed that the woodland in question will not be removed; the site was previously a field that had been largely unused for years.

Hundreds More Dead in Ritual Killings

Hundreds more people have been found, killed in the same ritual fashion as last month, across England and France. Police are still investigating, and are reassuring the public that they are doing all they can. Until the perpetrators are caught, official recommendations are to not travel alone at night, and to report anything suspicious.

Two British Tourists Drown under Mongolia's Natural Sand Timer

Government officials in the town of Dalanzadgad, Southern Mongolia have appealed for tourists to stay away from the new “Hourglass” formation that appeared in nearby Gobi Gurvansaikhan National Park two weeks ago. This plea comes in the wake of the deaths of 16 people, including two Britons, by suffocation under the sand. The previously undocumented phenomenon, in which a certain large dune may be observed upending itself into the sky and then trickling back to the ground over a period of two minutes, is yet to be explained; nor does it show any sign of stabilising.

Old Manse Destroyed

The Old Manse outside Salisbury, better known as the headquarters of The Seekers, appears to be either totalled, or just gone entirely. Where there once laid a foreboding manor house, there is now only flat ground, which is stained black.

Early reports indicate that there were no casualties, but Cole Fisher, the leader of the Seekers, was hospitalised for days after the incident.

Paris Restored

Work is well underway in rebuilding Paris. Many thanks go to Maryam Lasalle for organising the rebuilding operations, and Aster Lucius for helping plant numerous vegetable fields to help the residents get back on their feet. The most recent significant build was a Shrine in remembrance of the River Tiber, who helped out with the rebuilding efforts.


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