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Turn 1 News

Closed Set Arrives in London

Following the complete no-show of the Closed Set at the last meeting, they have continued to insist that they have some very important data and conclusions about the nature of the Omen that they will only disclose to the Havering Hill meetings. Now that they have been safely escorted to London by one Gideon Schoenbaum, one hopes that they will actually be able to follow through on this promise and announce their conclusions. There is a hope that this may help forward understanding of the Omen but conventional wisdom, based on the Closed Set's previous output, is not favourable.

Imp Vines making Headlines

It's not unheard of for a viral video to make the news, especially if the content is sufficiently arresting or entertaining. These viral videos, however, appear to be somewhat different to most, in that the subjects are not of this world. Somehow, a bunch of lesser demons (commonly called 'imps') got hold of a smartphone, set up a user account and made a bunch of vines.

The vast majority are just plain ridiculous, but a few include what appear to be displays of celestial power. Some magical scientists are heralding the so-called 'Imp vines' for their revelations into the nature of lesser demons. Most people just think they're funny.

Major Setback for the Oil Industry in Antarctica

The Frass Energy Corporation has announced that it will be withdrawing its exploratory drilling operations in Antarctica, reportedly following a reappraisal of the feasibility of such operations. Environmental groups have hailed the decision as “a victory”. Company CEO Wayne Gunnison was unavailable for comment.


Requests have been popping up, in various circles, for information about people's experiences with the Omen. It appears like someone is trying to make a kind of open source resource for looking at the effects of the Omen. Like a wiki, or something.

Epidemic of Petty Crime Around the Country

Over the last fortnight, or so, reports have been coming in from cities around the country (Manchester, Bristol, Liverpool, and others) that they are facing an unprecedented wave of petty crime. Vandalism, theft, burglary, and assault and battery are all sharply up - according to official police statistics. Online commentators have also been swift to note that magic has been used with unusual frequency in this crime spree. Officials are yet to comment on the significance of, or the reasons for, this development.

Rare Cryptid Sighted in Sundarban Swamps

A dangerous monster has purportedly been rampaging across the mangrove swamps of Sundarban, Bangladesh. Perhaps best described as a colossal lobster with a human face, its movements are apparently causing an exodus of the swamp's other inhabitants, which include Bengal tigers and saltwater crocodiles. And just when you thought the silly season couldn't get any sillier….

Devon Police appeal for safer driving

Please can all tourists and residents take care when driving through the beautiful Devon countryside, and try not to cause hideous pile-ups on small country roads through reckless driving.

Also, if anyone has seen a woman wearing a bright red dress and hat, driving a large articulated lorry, please would you give any details to the police, who would like to interview her in relation to the destruction of a conservatory in Torbay.

'In related news' some local thieves were arrested while covered in various sticky substances, and given three months community service.



  • East Knoyle is still overrun by wild animals.
  • Mysterious disappearances in catacombs of Paris
  • Wanted: articualated lorry and a lot of red spray paint
  • Adularia wishes to speak with the White Quill
  • Leading member of the Hallowed Chamber spotted waving a crutch angrily at a demon
  • Demons are now stealing books; surprise that demons can read rife among magical community
  • Havering Hill Witches Collective is funded by the Havering Hill Women's Institute
  • The Seekers all live in a haunted mansion. Have you seen what that place looks like lately?
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