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Some Cracks Persist

Reports are suggesting that some of the Aetherial cracks are taking longer to fade than others. While the sky in most areas has returned to normal, there remains a handful of places where faint cracks can still be seen, a full three weeks after the day the heavens opened. Research witches are currently looking for patterns in this phenomenon, while proper investigation of the cracks themselves is yet to be undertaken.

Oil Be Back?

An exploratory drilling expedition in Antarctica has been suspended following the unexplained disappearance of several engineers from a construction site near the Halley Research Station. Wayne Gunnison, CEO of the Frass Corporation, said in a statement today, “We're obviously concerned by this disruption to our operations, and of course, to the lives of the… seven? Seven engineers who are currently unaccounted for. We expect this to be resolved quickly and can assure our shareholders that this incident should have no appreciable long-term effects on our profit margins or business strategy.”

Closed Set Release Announcement, Fail to Actually Appear

A few days after the 1st of May a missive was posted onto the internet by the Closed Set, a commune of eccentric Mathematicians based out of a complex1) in the Brecon Beacons. It is reproduced verbatim below, all spelling errors are present in the source.

on the events of MAY 1:

Closed Set.

we hopr to clarify what we Know about the cracks. TRUTH can be found in mathematics - mathematics is human's work - so we have looked at the cracks with Mathematics. A path is clear, but we cnnt write it, not quite yet. Will need to tweak final parameters, but are on to something cf release 11/07/18. Will send envoy, or messenger, or diplomat to meetings.

pls to wait for us. v. important. We can show you the answers after wait.

Closed set.

The rambling message then continues with what appears to be a raw dump of the metadata of that page of the Closed Set's website. The Closed Set have not been heard from since, and they do not appear to have a presence in Havering Hill. This is, however, in line with their previous behaviour.

Fires in Yellowstone

Huge forest fires are raging at several sites across Yellowstone National Park. Officials have been quick to announce that these fires are not part of an agreed forestry management plan, but that they have reason to suspect the fires have an anthropogenic origin. Park rangers and police are currently working together to identify and apprehend those responsible. The Gaian of Yellowstone is not happy….

Skybreak Ruins May Day

One of the few actual casualties of the cracking of the sky on May 1st was the peace and quiet of May Day celebrations across the country. Reverend John Simmons of East Knoyle, Wiltshire, describes the scene of the day as “eery, and unsettling” and that “all the town dogs were scared out of town, and all of a sudden we're overrun by rabbits, and foxes, and the like”. He goes on to admit that things haven't yet gotten fully back to normal, and that the whole thing was “rather odd”.
— Also in the News, the Gazette and Herald

Nile Still Single!

It's rumoured that the sophisticated Gaian of the River Nile isn't currently in a relationship! But wait - why do we care? Why are we even mentioning this?? It's not like we speculate about the relationship status of other Gaians, right? I guess it's just that Nile is so darn hot….

1) read: cottage
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