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Nathan Quail (George B)

[EXT. An open road. We see NATHAN QUAIL and AZRAEL in a bright red cabriolet, hair fluttering in the wind. Both are wearing extravagant sunglasses. 'Ethiopians' by the Mountain Goats plays loudly over the car stereo. The camera holds on them for a little while. NATHAN, driving, looks over to AZRAEL. After a few moments, she turns to him, lowering her sunglasses, as if to ask 'Yes, what?'. Fast fade to black.]

[ANNOUNCER: “Most of us are terrified of meeting death face to face…”]

[EXT. The road again. The camera pans round to behind NATHAN and AZRAEL, and we can see the sun setting in the distance. Fast fade to black.]

[ANNOUNCER: “But for one witch, meeting death would be the best thing that ever happened in his life…”]

[INT. American-style Diner. NATHAN and AZRAEL are goofing off in one of the booths. AZRAEL is incredulous at the meal she has been presented, and NATHAN is clearly riffing off this in a snarky way. AZRAEL seems to be indulging him. A couple of fellow diners look askance at the couple as they began to laugh loudly, and a waiter approaches them to ask them to reign it in. AZRAEL immediately drops the laugh and looks at them over the glasses with such a chilling stare that they stagger back, as if struck bodily. Fast fade to black. ]

[ANNOUNCER: “This summer, join two unlikely drifters, on a journey to find themselves.”]

[EXT. Sea shore. NATHAN and AZRAEL are throwing stones into the surf. Shot of sea birds in a pastel sky above, circling mournfully. Back to NATHAN and AZRAEL. The camera pans left to reveal what appears to be a dead body, out of focus, and mostly out of shot. Both of them smile wistfully. Fast fade to black.]

[ANNOUNCER: “…and maybe, to find each other.”]

[INT. A grotty motel. AZRAEL and NATHAN are arguing. A dark miasma starts to fill the room, and the wallpaper starts to peel off the walls, browning, as though aged in seconds. The small insects on the wall fall off as though hit by bug spray. NATHAN pushes AZRAEL, and AZRAEL pushes him back onto the bed. Suddenly, they are kissing. Fade to black.]

[ANNOUNCER: “…Death Road.”]

[EXT. Back on the road again. AZRAEL is driving. NATHAN is asleep on the headrest, drooling slightly. AZREAL throws off the sunglasses which fly behind her, splintering on the road. Her eyes are set with both a joy and a manic kind of intensity as the car is suffused with a purple aura and she steps on the gas.]

[ANNOUNCER: “…because sometimes, the thing the keeps us living is the promise of death.”]


— first trailer for the full theatrical release of 'Death Road'. Notably, Azrael is listed as played by 'herself'.

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