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Max Goldstadter (Teofil C)

“So yeah, my Dad’s a painter and humanitarian aid worker who’s half-clock, half-man, and my Mum’s a got a demon that used to be a killer library living in her head, and the memories of an evil entity older than humanity itself. I had an interesting childhood. Wouldn’t give it up for anything, though.”

— Fabian Goldstadter-Candela, son of Max and Lauren

Max Godstadter, also known as the Clockwork Seeker, is one of the more divisive members of The Seekers of this particular era. It was a fairly open secret at the times that his dealings with the Seraph of War, Mastema, were largely the cause of the near destruction of the organisation, as well as the death of Cole Fisher, the Gatekeeper at the time, and the near death of Lauren Candela, who would go on to become his partner.

He is also known as the first Seeker in history to have been confirmed to reach the end of his chosen path, the design of the Perfect Clock, and, on the very last step, turned back. While there are those, even today, who mock this decision and the precedence it set, it cannot be denied that his counselling work with Seekers who have since struggled with similar circumstances has done them a world of good and in many cases saved lives.

In the end, whether he was a schemer who managed to avoid punishment by jumping ship from the losing side of the conflict, a paragon of courage who had the strength to turn away from what many could not, or simply a tragic figure who, between the manipulations of the Angels and the ethos of the Seekers, simply got in over his head, only one thing can be said for certain.

Max Goldstadter will never be forgotten.

— An extract from A Complete History Of The Seekers by Willow Allen, published in July 2106.

“So, this is what it used to look like?”

“Aether? So they say. Hard to believe we finally get to see an actual Goldstadter in person.”

“Tell me about it. Still, one thing I have to ask.”


“Is that a submarine?”

— Overheard by viewers of the painting In memory of Edgar King by Max Goldstadter.

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