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Katy Jones (Ellie H)

There are those that whisper that the Wind-Talkers, or the Acolytes of Air, sent down roots from a very dark place. This is a secret seldom known, but I recount it here, as is my duty.

There was at that time a School of Scholomance, a demonic learning-hall of great mischief and chaos, which bred and unleashed a great many evils, ravening like rabid animals, upon our world. The schoolmaster there was a bitter-hearted and terrifying beast, hugely squat like an old, squashed house, and on their breath were hexes, in their eyes sickles, on their tongue damnation - and in their great beard, death curses wiggled like lice.

It was the custom of this old demon to teach dark secrets, only to exact a terrible price - the life of their brightest and most promising student. For, in truth, nothing pleased the monster more than to raise witches up, only to cast them down in chaos and confusion.

But one day there came to that place a witch both cunning and bold. In her heart comingled courage and compassion, and in her eyes insight and integrity, in her bones passion and patience, and her mind - oh, her mind! - was a thing unknowable, spinning and whirling like the breath of a young god blowing upon a pinwheel.

The young witch of the wilds gained the confidence of that demon, and stole from them their great secret: those countless students, thought sacrificed to their beastly hunger, were not dead, but rather: transfigured into beasts. Taking her time, carefully and methodically, the witch found the secret grottos where those animals were so imprisoned, and freed them one by one. Then, raising a howling army to match the demon's might, she confronted them, cast them down, and plucked the diadem of knowledge from that demon's head.

And in this way the Wind-Talkers found their genesis.

— unknown folk tale

Did you know? Katy Jones, one of most knowledgeable and gifted witches of our time, is incredibly beloved of birds? That's right! She has a pet owl called Wisdom, and avians from all around the world flock - literally - to see her! Of course, you'd have to be both fast and graceful as a bird to catch her - she's always off on some new adventure, seeking the knowledge just over the horizon!

— from the chapter: 'Famous Filings' from Felix' Fun Filofax of Filing Facts

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