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Icarus Palas (John H)

The British Museum is proud to announce the 'Icarus Palas Collection', a special exhibit celebrating the life and work of the noted archaeologist and scholar who worked at the museum as a researcher for many years. We have a large exhibit introducing the pioneering work Icarus spearheaded at Saqqara, and which created the inroads necessary for the subsequent discovery of the 'boring field' and the relevance of pyramids to the culture of witchcraft. We have a number of exhibits on load from the Museum of Ancient Antiquities (for which we thank the Gaian, who will be in attendance on opening night to give a short seminar). Imhotep will also be in attendance, both in the role of an exhibit, and to answer visitors' questions.

In addition, there will also be another exhibit detailing Icarus' juvenalia, his work on deciphering the Luciferian tablets, his long-standing rivalry with Marika Orosz, and speculation about the circumstances and reason for his disappearance in connection with the appearance of the 'Nyx'.

Entrance fees will go towards the upkeep of the Museum, and to restoration work at Saqqara.

— An advertising mailshot from the British museum, 2023

This archaeologist's brush is a rather curious item, enchanted in such a way to allow the completion of an impossibly vigorous amount of dusting (or, indeed, brushing) in a very short space of time. However, such use of the brush causes exceptional fatigue, and as such, it can be rather dangerous if misused.

The handle is inscribed with the world 'Deluxe' - a sort of private joke, one assumes, as the brush itself is a very inexpensive model. It was assumed that this text was added by Icarus, but those that knew him suggest that he found the brush in this condition. It was later retrieved from near to the location of Imhotep's tomb, though Icarus' body was nowhere to be found.

Kindly on loan from Richard Meyshon's private collection

— Description of Exhibit 23 of the 'Icarus Palas Collection'

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