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Felix Charmed

Dear Friends (Humans, Gaians, Celestials, or Others),

You are hearby implored to attend the first inter-realm, pan-dimensional, spanning time and space, diplomatic and nourishing gathering; there shall be no rest, nor sleep, nor slow until you are all fed, watered and entertained to your deepest satisfaction. In short, I am inviting you to a tea party. It will be in the newly revived artistic quarter of Neo-Paris - funded by a revitalised Iron Fillings that is dedicated to fostering peace and cooperation between all the peoples and creeds. I hope beyond hope, dear friend, that you will be able to attend, enjoy yourself, and - hopefully - gain new friends and greater understanding.

Yours until Gaia goes cold,

Felix Charmed - father of America.

— found in a treehouse belonging to the demon Caim

Another one?! I know Felix has really grown into the role of leader, and was instrumental in helping stop the friends in New Paris, but does he really need to put his face on the memos? The memos!! — @pudding999

It's just a harmless bit of fun… — @felixfan

Fun?! He'll be making coins next. This isn't the Roman Empire — @pudding999

I have to say I'm with FF on this one. It doesn't really matter. And even if it did - we're probably too late now… after we didn't stop him when he started churning out the life-sized portraits for the new HQ in Pairs —- @therealmoongaian

… — @pudding999

youre probably right — @pudding999

— Archived internal Iron Fillings chatlog

The Grey Dolphin

This was erected in memory of Felix Charmed, the first leader of the Iron Filings after the incidents surrounding the Fall of Aether and the failed invasion of Nyx in 2020/1. He was a devoted patron, beloved friend, and gifted (if eccentric) leader. This pub was saved from closure in the summer of 2079 in no small part due to contribution of Filing devotees who have travelled here to follow in his footsteps; they have our thanks.

— Text on a plaque on the side of the Grey Dolphin, pub

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