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Metatron and His Residents


Okay kids SO summoning has become a LOT SAFER recently because there are waaay fewer demons who want to kill us and also no more 6-1-6 but that doesn’t mean that you don’t still need to take REASONABLE PRECAUTIONS when you’re summoning - not least because if you’ve managed to piss them off they just won’t be very helpful! Remember: quality trappings, strong wards, friends who know where you are and what you’re doing.

Summoning has also got a lot more PRECISE. Even if you’ve been summoning the same angel for yeeeeears, resist the temptation to get sloppy with your summoning. Reaching Metatron is harder than Aether was, and you’ll stand a much better chance if you make an effort to do things in line with the celestial laws.

— From the Hallowed Chamber pinboard

… of course, as well as being the home of demons, Pandemonium is the centre of demonic culture, and what a culture it is! No visitor could fail to be enchanted by the city, with its statue-lined streets and regular public performances - a far cry from the rigours of the angelic city of Terminus, where the closest thing you'll get to a 'performance' is a recitation of the laws that bind the city.

That is not, of course, to say that Pandemonium is entirely without laws While I was there I was lucky enough to speak to one of the city's leaders, Nathaniel Bloom - a former human and part of the Havering Hill Assembly. In between showing me around some of the highlights of the city, he talked a bit about the difficulties with establishing a city that aligned with both the requirements of the Throne and his own moral beliefs about the need for freedom.

In the end, he pointed out what any political science student will know: freedom lies not in getting rid of laws, but in getting a say in what the laws you live under are.

— a blog post by a young visitor to Pandemonium

'No, listen, we've been making so much progress, we can't give up now, I refuse!'

'Alright, yes, but been working on this for almost a century now, Nathaniel.'

'Yes, and look how far we've come! Pandemonium is flourishing, we have a civilisation around us, a real one, not like Terminus, that barely even counts as a city.'

'And yet the angels still seem to like it there.'

‘Look what side are you on, Holly?'

'All I’m saying is that maybe we should let them have their . . . whatever Terminus is. We have freedom, culture, actually nice places to be. So what if they want to stick to their “laws”?’

'Exactly! All we have to do is be somewhere for them to go.'

Although the celestial laws are complex, some might even say esoteric, having at least a basic understanding of them is important to anyone who wishes to understand anything more than the most superficial aspects of celestial society. It is my aim within this paper to lay out what a comprehensive yet accessible description of most of the fundamentals of celestial society, with a particular focus on the laws of the Angels.

The primary law of the realm of Metatron, to which celestials not only do subscribe but, it seems, intrinsically must can be set down in approximate form as follows: take your moral code and follow it, and allow that others do the same.

The main difference between angels and demons is then in the code that they follow, rather than in their nature as law-following creatures. Indeed, while most celestials are very attached to their own codes, there have been plenty of cases where a celestial has switched. The codes demons follow are as varied as the demons themselves, but the angels subscribe to a common set. It is to this set that we now turn our attention . . .

— From A Study of Celestial Laws in Context

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