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Bryan Underwood (Alex E-T)

Another figure key to the fall of Terra was a member of the Bodyguards of Gaia named Bryan Underwood. Hailing from Chicksands Wood, Underwood has always been something of a reclusive, even mysterious figure. He appeared, as if from nowhere, when the world was at its greatest moment of peril, was very heavily involved in the events of the time, then disappeared just as suddenly.

His role in taking down Terra, coupled with the dearth of substantial information about him has causes Underwood to be seen as something of a modern day folk hero by some.
It is widely understood that once the Havering Hill Assembly stopped gathering, he returned to his home in Chicksands Wood, and while he occasionally attended the convocations of the Bodyguards of Gaia, what ultimately became of him is unknown.

- Extract from The Rise and Fall of TERRA, by Jane Brumpton

Name: Chicksands Wood

Location: Bedfordshire, UK

Element: Earth

Notable Features: Deer, Woodland (Oak and Ash)

Other Notes: The Gaian of Chicksands Wood is well known for going above and beyond when it comes to looking after his domain, even doing manual labour in manifested form to help maintain the surrounding land. Once, when asked why he puts such painstaking effort into his endeavours, the Gaian simply replied, “For a friend.”

- Entry in A Glossary of Gaians.

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