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Artemis Smith (Vladimir M)

Artemis Smith helped push the frontiers of technology forward in leaps and bounds. His work on the Mount of Martyrs in Paris and the years that followed1), introduced a variety of new ideas to the wider community and opened a number of interesting exploratory avenues that are still being studied and advanced to this day.

Of particular note was his involvement in advancing the integration of magic and technology. As one of the specialists who worked both on Aleph-0, the constructed angel, and the Slough supercomputer he was well placed to lead the magitech explosion, but his life took a different turn in the direction of the now-notorious Radical Friends . . .

— An extract from “Pioneers of the Future” by Xander Jones

I don't care what else he helped create, you just have to look at what happened in Paris to know the truth. He was a Monster, plain and simple. - HaloWarrior45

Have you even studied the notes and research he left behind? He may have been misguided, but he was always striving to make what he was doing safer, he was just trying to make a better society - RFisMagic

A BETTER Society???? And what do you mean SAFER? If he knew it wasn't safe, why did they keep inducting people into the hivemind? WHAT WAS HE (THEY?) EVEN THINKING?!?! - RememberParis01

— Conversation extracted from an online forum. Topic was “Artemis Smith - Man or Monster?

> I read the news.
> Well for a given value of 'read' at least. More like absorbed into my consciousness via the medium of reddit and forum conspiracy boards.
> That was fucking stupid of you :/
> Not that me telling you that is going to make a difference now.
> …
> Not that it would have done anyway.
> Humans :/

1) until the Incident of 2032
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