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“Did you hear?”


“Shadowblayde are remastering and re-releasing Tosca's Kiss for it's twentieth anniversary!”

“You're kidding, right? I loved that album! I know it comes off a bit hokey now, but at the time it was revolutionary.”

“Hey! I, for one, think it still is… even if no one else does.”

“You keep telling yourself that. Watch out for Muriel when you get the new release, though”

— A conversation overheard in a record store in New Paris.

A cloaked and hooded figure stands in the doorway to the room where Arcayne sits over a desk, headphones on and humming quietly to themselves. It takes them a good few moments to notice the figure who waits behind them for recognition… permission perhaps? Eventually the shifting of black fabric catches their eye and they wheel around.

“Hey! How did you get —” their voice cuts off, their eyes widen with recognition. “Amy?”

The last Portis smiles, and nods slightly. She has come to say goodbye, and make sure that Avery Smith is not forgotten in this.

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