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Amina Angelcake (Amy A)

After evading police for months, Amina Angelcake has been killed before she could stand trial. Amina’s killer is unknown, but it’s not hard to imagine that she’s made some enemies over the years. This trial was pushing the limits of the new legislature on murder in space, and may lawyers were furiously debating for months what the outcome would be. Some are upset that such a high profile killer never had to stand trial, including the daughter of one of Amina’s victims, Tanya Starling. Tanya had been unwilling to speak to the press about her father’s very public murder on Splash Mountain until very recently…

— Extract from The Inside Inquirer, dated October 2021

Did you know? Amina Angelcake committed the first murder on the moon!When her group was stranded on the moon after a picnic gone wrong, Amina killed another astronaut in order to save on oxygen!

— Extract from Felix’s Fun Filo-fax of Filing Facts by Felix Charmed.

Disneyland is pleased to report that the number of visitors to the park has completely recovered this summer. This is pleasant news after the famous, grisly murder that took place last summer, by two individuals wearing a Sebastian the Crab suit and a Captain Hook outfit on Splash Mountain. The victim was a man by the name of Jonah Starling, although it is believed that at this point he was in fact an angel. Whilst the park’s reputation suffered after the incident last summer, it appears that the additional safety measures were enough to reassure the public.

— Article from The Anaheim Herald dated July 2022.

Amina Angelcake passed away in the autumn of 2021. She was determined, and proudly independent. Amina was taken from us too soon. She was a beloved daughter, and she will be missed.

— Obituary published in October of 2021, written by Amina’s parents.

-We have determined the cause to be the cookies in question, which were imbued with some kind of magic-

-recommend that we monitor for magic in the future-

-change in security procedures. We cannot allow this to happen again-

-hundreds of officials still in rehabilitation-

— Reconstructed fragments of an internal memo from the UN’s security, from the summer of 2021.

We know that Amina Angelcake was one of the ones that attempted to weaken the “boring field”, however her attempts were foiled by the rest of the group. It’s impossible not to speculate on the effects of that day, effects we still feel now. What kind of a world would we be living in if Amina had succeeded? I don’t think we can say for sure whether the world would have been a better or worse place with the inclusion of more or less magic, but as a result of magic performed that day, at least we live in an interesting world.

— From The Interesting History Of The Boring Field by Finlay Green, published 2030

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