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Vitreus - Ángel GJ [deceased]


Extracted from the interview with the Metalword online magazine, July 2016:

- Interviewer: Welcome Vitreus, it is a pleasure to finally meet you.
- Vitreus: The pleasure is all mine.
- I: Vitreus, you are the singer, lead guitar and front man of Dies Irae, the biggest and most successful heavy metal band of all time. You have outsold every other metal band to date and you have put metal back on the map again. On top of all of that, you yourself are considered a superstar, famous all around the globe. You have even worked as an actor in several films and have your own line of clothes. So my question is, how does it feel to be at the top of the world?
- V: Well, the views are magnificent. (laughs)
- I: In any case, something your fans want to know is when the new Dies Irae album is coming out. There have been rumours for months now but nothing official has been announced yet. Any updates?
- V: Our band has really high standards when it comes to composing. If we don't feel right about what we are doing, we can't in good conscience go forward with it. For respect to our fans and to ourselves. So it can be a really slow process. But I promise you it will be worth the wait.
- I: And what about the rumours that say that you are on a creative block?
- V: That's simply not true. I'm working hard every day on the music and it's taking form little by little, there's no need to…
- I: There are even those who say that you have shown a lack of enthusiasm about your own music. Is that true?
- V: Of course not! I love my music and everyone who says anything else is just lying.
- I: Well, it's not the first time you don't show interest for some of your own music. You don't talk much about your time in the underground band Arrhythmic Abomination, do you?
- V: Wait, what? How do you know…?
- I: And you are even more silent about your relationship with Samuel Harlington, the tragically deceased drummer of the band. Is it true that you paid the family to say nothing about your implication with his death?
- V: How do you f* dare? You mother***!

Vitrius stands up and launches himself at the interviewer. Several security men intervene and manage to restrain him. He's then escorted out of the room. The interviewer composes himself, looks at the camera and says with a smile:

- I: Well, that was the famous Vitreus for you all. Such a delightful person.

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