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Lestia Howard - Nicole J


Lestia Howard. Captain of her school netball team, first singer in her university a capella group, and one time she played Juliet in Romeo and Juliet. I know, right? Pretty perfect life? If only she wasn’t a witch, and her magic obligations didn’t keep getting in the way. It’s not like she even enjoys doing magic, and especially not practising it. Plus, whenever she really tries to cast a spell, it always seems to go wrong. She’d rather spend her time catching up with her friends on social media, indulging in mundane – human – gossip, and focusing on her dream to be a famous designer. In the meantime, she supposes she’ll allow herself to be dragged along to these stupid meetings. As long as she can tweet about it later. (On that note – you should totally follow her on Twitter @celestia_h and Instagram @celestial.h )

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