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Len Royce - Bianca D [Retired]


If catching the attention of the troubleshooters isn’t quite concerning enough, being investigated by Len Royce is perhaps twice as dreadful. Those guilty of using magic in dangerous way ought to fear her successful streak of shutting their ranks down. Those innocent ought to steel themselves for the most stubborn, ruthless and often undiplomatic person they will ever have to deal with. Driven by strong conviction, both in terms of what magic is and how it should be used, she pours her heart into her job and her research like she’s running out of time. Perhaps for this reason she has few friends, most within the group of troubleshooters, but with the notable exception of Thay, her pet bird, and only old friend who, by virtue of his inability to speak, has not yet become fed up with her stubborn refusal to lose any arguments.

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