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Where and When

Sessions will be held in Mansfield College Chapel. See below for details.

First Session on Tuesday 11th October at 7.30pm will be character creation, with lots of help on hand for new players. Come along to discuss character ideas, flesh out characters already sent in, and to meet the current members of OURPGsoc.

First IC Session will be on Tuesday 18th October. Arrive at 7:30pm for an 8pm start.

The session on the 28th of February will be held in a different location, to be determined closer to the time. We will notify you of the location by email and update this page as soon as we know.

Please note that the room where we are holding the game is also the room where students eat their evening meal. As a result, college staff may still be finishing cleaning up when we arrive. We ask that players be respectful and keep out of the way to enable them to do their job.

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