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Vyania Evergreen (Alina D)

Lynaria Evergreen climbs the steps to the stage, tears welling in the corners of her eyes. It’s been such a long journey, and she’s put in so much hard work. She’s loved every moment of it. All her nervousness melts away as she accepts the award, raising it in triumph as the thousands of assembled witches cheer for her. An interviewer steps forward, and they chatter for a minute about her research, before the topic turns to more personal matters.

Lynaria smiles at the interviewer. “When did Holly and my mum get married? I was about 8 at the time, I think. I remember feeling so grown up in my lovely dress. Of course, it was ruined by the end of the day! There was a huge hill nearby that I just had to roll down. I danced all night.”

“And how do you think that growing up with two such powerful witches influenced you?”

“I don’t know how I could have grown up in that house and not learned all about magic. I was playing with magic from when I was a child, and they only encouraged me. I even had a demon for a babysitter! I grew up hearing stories from them, all about the creatures from Nyx and the celestials they fought, all the people they protected, and all the magic they did. How could I be anything but inspired? I definitely have both of them to thank for where I am now.”

“And are they here to see you collect your award tonight?”

“Of course!” Lynaria beams. “They’re in the front row!”

“Well congratulations again. I’m sure you’ve heard this plenty of times today, but your achievements are really remarkable for someone so young.”

“It’s always nice to hear it again!” Lynaria laughs as she steps off the stage to the sound of more thunderous applause.

I’m transferring Vyania Evergreen over to your department for this case. If you give her the trail, she can catch whoever you point her at. One of the best officers I’ve ever seen for getting the job done. She’s capable and loyal, and she’ll work hard.

— Internal memo from within a local police force, from 2027

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