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Rhubarb Crumble (Alex E-T)

The Crumble Memorial Baking Academy has swiftly grown to become one of the most prestigious culinary institutions, producing a veritable crop of superlative chefs who have gone on to pursue star-studded careers - quite literally, in the case of Michelin-starred celebrity baker Anabella Tamagawa.

The Baking Academy was endowed from the profits of Rhubarb's many and various baking recipes, including his highly popular dehydrated puddings. Having produced these as part of research done for the Iron Filings, and having no surviving relatives, the work became the ownership of the organisation, and it was decided to plough the profits fully into something of which Rhubarb would have approved.

— 'About Us' page, CMBA official website, cached copy December 2038

“You fool! There's no way you can possibly defeat my God's Hand Crumble. Made with Abernathy Butter and Blenheim Orange apples, its ingredients are without peer. Furthermore, have you forgotten my 'Forbidden Left Hand - Crumble Sift' and 'Forbidden Right Hand - Crumble Stir'? I swore that since the death of my brother twenty years ago, I would never use these hands to bake again. No longer. When I was using my feet, you still had a chance. But this is a complete loss for you, Rhubarb Crumble!”

“Is that really true, Muscovado Lightning? You've forgotten the number one most important thing that a baker must possess - heart!!”

— clip from Preheated!! Crumble Armageddon, Episode 24, Rhubarb's defeat? The God's Hand Crumble

Did you know? In addition to having a blender which could mix human souls, Rhubarb Crumble was the only person to have ever been murdered in space!

— Felix' Fun Filofax of Filing Facts

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