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Nathaniel Bloom (Emma B)

Nathaniel Bloom then went on to lead the creation of the city of Pandemonium, inside Metatron’s world. The city he helped create was founded on three main principles: the promotion of knowledge and culture, that no demon should kill another demon, and that free will entails responsibility.

Much to his credit, he has stuck to these principles over the years in his role leading the demons of Pandemonium. Some of his later initiatives have been much less successful, including his attempts to get the angels of Law to fall. With only a few notable exceptions, the angels seem to have no interest in free will or falling. These attempts only served to increase tension between the angels and demons for a while within Metatron.

It’s said that before the death of Aether Nathaniel merged with the Codex - a collection of demonic knowledge. Whilst it was mostly locked away in the early days, in the last hundred years he has seemingly been able to access more and more of it. This has helped propel the development of Pandemonium even further.

I’m not going to speculate long on the future of Pandemonium, but I think we can mostly agree that it’s in good hands.

— From A Brief History Of Pandemonium by Amelia Dixon, published 2185

Nathaniel Bloom is notable for having spent the least time as an angel of death before falling out of any of the angels of Death in recorded memory. He spent less than a month as an angel of death before falling and becoming a demon.

- Extract from A Listing Of Angels Of Death by Myeong Song, published in 2026

Dear Konrad,

I’m so glad to hear you’re well. After I was killed, I feared you would be his next target. Unfortunately I have to decline your offer. I fell, not long ago. Dying really has a way of changing the way you see the world, of revealing your priorities. Nathaniel gave me this second chance, one that I really didn’t deserve, and I want to make things right with him. That’s what matters to me now. I’ve made this mistake before, and from now on my family will always be my priority.

Yours, Elias

— A letter from Elias Bloom to Konrad Eld, sent in December of 2021


If you're reading this, it's either because I'm dead or because you are quite sensibly suspicious of me. Either way, I trust you enjoyed the spike trap.

So. Two things. Firstly, you never did reimburse me for that wretched biplane. And secondly… oh, but you know that already, I think.

Your move,


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