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Layla Tov (Idan H)

After Kesef Tov took control in the winter of 2021, the various branches of the Tov family business really took off. After a string of bad luck and bad decisions suffered by various competitors, Tov was left as the leading global company in dozens of industries. This curious luck, combined with Kesef’s business sense, has been the driving force behind the success of the family. They have held onto this lead until the time of writing, but for a company so seemingly reliant on luck, will theirs eventually run out?

The Tov family themselves are very private, and with the exception of Kesef Tov most of them lead very quiet lives. Ra’ayon Tov is Kesef’s brother, and an academic at the Slough Institute. Not much is known about Layla Tov, although apparently she is excellent at making tea. In rare public appearances, the family all seem close, if reserved.

— From Tov: How A Family Built An Empire by Noah Powell, published 2035.

Layla Tov was notable for her influence on early Pandemonium, whilst it was forming. As a human, she campaigned for free thought amongst the angels of Law. Whilst her efforts were broadly not well-received by the angels themselves, they had a strong influence over the demons of Pandemonium, whose attitudes towards the angels were very much shaped by the examples set in those early days, by people like Layla.

— From A Brief History Of Pandemonium by Amelia Dixon, published 2185

Did you see that that CEO that got killed the other day? His heart was cut out. So creepy. - Sniperipheral

More coincidental deaths that help out the Tov family??? - GlitteringCustard

Don’t be stupid, it’s not like they would actually kill someone and cut out their heart. I feel like they’d be sneakier. Besides, did you see that interview with Ra’ayon and Kesef the other day? Do you seriously think they’re murderers? - FlawlessDragonfly14

plus, whilst this one is murder, the others were actually coincidences. they said that chairman the other week already had heart conditions… - xxExoticLicexx

Nah, listen to me, it has to be them. Have you seen how fast their company has grown over the past year? It’s a conspiracy, I’m telling you. - GlitteringCustard

You’re being paranoid. Like, not that many people are dying, and they’re all really spread out. - FlawlessDragonfly14

It’s more than that, I think they’re controlling people or something. It’s all on my blog. Seriously, if you look at the data, there’s a pattern emerging. - GlitteringCustard

That’s scary, but it makes sense… - Sniperipheral

Mind control? lol - FlawlessDragonfly14

— Conversation from the Unknown Intent forums, from 2029.

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