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Jeffrey Leigh (Alasdair C)

[EXT - CAMERA ONE. A dark alleyway. Grainy camera footage of grotty brick-lined walls and green plastic dumpsters. A robotic whirring as the camera pans slowly, shortly, to the left. The end of the alley is visible in the distance. Strange artefacts occlude the footage for a moment, and there is the sound of some rustling, followed by a cat yowling. Timestamp on the footage reads 20:25.]

[EXT - CAMERA TWO. Still shot of a minor road, intersecting what appears to be the same alleyway. The footage is flooded with light as a car passes slowly, lights on full beam. The roar of distant traffic. The night sky is very clear.]

[EXT - CAMERA THREE. Shaky shot of the underside of someone's face. They have a scraggy beard, wild eyes, and a cheap suit. Their eyes are focused on the distance, never on the camera. Panting. Breath coils and freezes in the air. Walking somewhere fast. Occasionally glimpses of people and faces they pass in the street. Looks of concern; fear. Bewilderment. Lots of footage like this. At one point, subject chuckles to themselves, seems to mouth something.]

[EXT - CAMERA TWO. Strange artefacts. Sounds of footsteps in the distance.]

[EXT - CAMERA ONE. Pans right to left. Whirring. Stillness. The dumpsters have either moved a fraction of an inch, or the strange quality of light is creating an optical illusion.]

[EXT - CAMERA TWO. A gaunt figure paces quickly to the intersection of the road and the alley. They are out of breath. They stare into the mouth of the alley, shaking visibly. There is some sort of camera mounted to their front. One hand is in the jacket pocket - caressing something? With the other, they reach in, shakily pull out a revolver.]

[EXT - CAMERA THREE. Mumbling. 'Special Branch X' is vaguely audible. The sound of something rasping under fabric. Then, the sound of a revolver being opened and the chamber replaced, spun. The figure has stopped, and is staring hard at something in the darkness, distance.]

[EXT - CAMERA TWO. The figure stares for a long time. Timestamp on the footage is 20:40. Figure stares into the distance until 23:50, swaying side to side.]

[EXT - CAMERA ONE. Pans. Sound of something rumbling. Artefacts more pronounced. Strange afterimages like a face in the static.]

[EXT - CAMERA THREE. The figure is muttering more loudly.]

“I know you killed them. I know you killed them. I know you killed them. I know you killed them.”

[The figure starts to lurch, slowly, towards the mouth of the alley.]

“Kill me if you like. Prove me right. But if you don't. I'm going to kill you. Forgive me.”

[Figure stops, eyes seem to unfocus and body moves as if making some motions. Then, to no-one in particular:]

“Forgive me.”

[EXT - CAMERA ONE. Very loud roaring, like an open plain scoured with wind, like an ear placed to a cavernous shell. The void is calling. Footage is almost unparseable, a mess of grains and static and artefacts and illusions. When the camera pans right, the motor makes a weird, distorted sound, like an RC car trying to force its way through something wretched and viscous.]

“…J e f f r e y…”

“…m i s s e d…y o u…”

[EXT - CAMERA THREE. Man's face scrunches into a rictus of horror. Starts screaming defiantly. Loud bangs, camera falls to the floor, visuals go dead. Roaring sounds, viscous sounds. Silence.]

- found footage left at the offices of the Warwick Advertiser and subsequently uploaded to the internet

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