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Holly Prague

Now we enter a new chapter in the history of the Order, with the end of the Portis dynasty and the start of Holly Prague’s leadership. Prague was, of course, notable in another respect: she was the first member leader of the Hidden Order to be, herself, a demon.

This fact, along with the coincidence of her ascension and the so-called End of Heaven, led to an era of increased links between the Order and the demonic city of Pandemonium. Our knowledge flourished, aided by, for the first time, actually having access to the demonic homeland, and we were able to understand not just how to summon the odd celestial for tidbits of knowledge, but what it really means to be a demon.

At the same time, it was an era of increased links within the Order itself - from a strict hierarchy and strong sense of division among the Entrusted members came a shift to a much more relaxed and open structure. This, too, was accompanied by an increase in membership, those with an interest in demons who had initially been driven away by the opacity now finding room within the Order.

—- From A History of Sa’aris by Elektra Anscombe

‘What’s that picture of, sweetheart?’

‘It’s my mummies!’

‘Oh really? Why does one of them have horns?’

‘Because she’s a demon.’

‘That’s a horrible thing to say about your mother!’

‘No it isn’t, demons are cool and pretty and they can fly and I want to be one when I grow up.’


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