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Gideon Schoenbaum (Declan J)


That's right, folks, it's that time again. Next week marks the release of the latest addition to the “Going Green,” series of books by Gideon Schoenbaum. According to the author, “Going Green III: Let Sleeping Gaians Lie,” contains over fifty new energy saving tips borne from his latest research in magical energy efficiency.

Learn how to modify your summoning circles and get all the latest on energy-saving ritual materials in what’s looking to be a complete game-changer of a book. And that’s not all. As fans are aware, Gideon is a firm proponent of only using magic where simply nothing else will do, so just for you and me, he has also included a list of his top ten non-magical lifehacks to help us get by.

Remember folks. Gideon Schoenbaum cares about Gaia. And so should you.

— Extract from a promotion for Going Green III: Let Sleeping Gaian's Lie by Gideon Schoenbaum

Dear Gideon,

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? At least by your human standards. For me, it seems like only yesterday that we first met at Havering Hill, and I asked you about a box. Good times.

Anyway, I wasn’t writing to reminisce. I just wanted to let you know that I heard about what you’ve been doing with regards to relations with the Celestials who have settled on Gaia. It’s good work you’re doing, and I hope you’re able to keep it up. I owe you one for this.

That’s about it really. Kranax is keeping well. They still ask after you on occasion. I mean, not so much ask as curse your name and shout skyward about what they’re going to do when they find you. It’s pretty graphic.

Anyway, I hope you’re well. Do stay in touch. Maybe we could do lunch sometime.



PS: Yes, the boxes are from me. Yes, all of them. Thought I’d teach Kranax a little humility, so now whenever they’ve made or found one of these things, I’ve been mailing them to you. Figured there was no-one better to take care of them. Although, they’ve got some weird magical properties, so you might not want to store them inside each other. You haven’t been doing that, right?

It’ll probably be fine.

— A letter from Kimaris to Gideon. Attached is a gold feather, stored in an ornately decorated box.

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