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I know that I cannot be the only one frustrated with the lack of official action following the events of the first of May. Whether you think that the Aetherial cracks were simply another magical event, or the sign of something fundamentally more concerning, we can all agree that this is one of the most important magical phenomena of our age.

Spooky Scary Ruins

As a result, I am calling for a general meeting of all who are interested in discussing the phenomenon. Magic is a craft of the people. It makes sense that, for a magical problem, it should be the people who find the solution.
Sound like something you can do? Come and join us at Fox's Lane Community Centre, Havering Hill on Saturday 23rd of May, from 7:30 onwards.
Allegra Jones
President, Havering Hill Witches Collective

A post made on Witchnet, a popular witching social media site, at 18:34:27 on 15/05/2020


Omen is the Oxford University RPG Society's Society Game for Michaelmas 2016/Hilary 2017. Players take on the role of witches in the modern world, meeting in response to the rather concerning cracks which appeared in the sky recently. The meetings will be attended by a host of different groups and individuals; mostly witches, but sometimes also angels, demons, and the spirits of place known as Gaians. Some will be helpful or sympathetic. Others… less so.

While players will encounter many strange phenomena and entities, the game is essentially about people. Their relationships, their morals, their curiosity about the world around them. And, of course, their reactions when the world hangs in the balance…


New to roleplaying? Welcome! We recommend you start with the introduction page. Alternatively, if you just want to dive straight in, details of the system and setting can be found in the sidebar to the left.

The first session of Tuesday 11th October will be dedicated to character generation, with assistance on hand for new members (or old members who want it!)

The GM team would appreciate if all characters could be submitted before 00:01 Friday 14/10/16, but you're still welcome to come along and create a character if you find us after this time.

Sessions run Tuesdays 7:45pm-11pm in Mansfield College in the chapel hall. However, we will not be able to have Mansfield for 7th week Hilary (28th February), so we will have another venue for that week, to be decided closer to the time.

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