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 +======Gideon Schoenbaum (Declan J)======
 +That's right, folks, it's that time again. ​ Next week marks the release of the latest addition to the "Going Green,"​ series of books by Gideon Schoenbaum. ​ According to the author, "Going Green III: Let Sleeping Gaians Lie," contains over fifty new energy saving tips borne from his latest research in magical energy efficiency.  ​
 +Learn how to modify your summoning circles and get all the latest on energy-saving ritual materials in what’s looking to be a complete game-changer of a book.  And that’s not all.  As fans are aware, Gideon is a firm proponent of only using magic where simply nothing else will do, so just for you and me, he has also included a list of his top ten non-magical lifehacks to help us get by.
 +Remember folks. ​ Gideon Schoenbaum cares about Gaia.  And so should you.
 +--- Extract from a promotion for //Going Green III: Let Sleeping Gaian'​s Lie// by Gideon Schoenbaum
 +>Dear Gideon,\\
 +>It’s been a while, hasn’t it?  At least by your human standards. ​ For me, it seems like only yesterday that we first met at Havering Hill, and I asked you about a box.  Good times.\\
 +>Anyway, I wasn’t writing to reminisce. ​ I just wanted to let you know that I heard about what you’ve been doing with regards to relations with the Celestials who have settled on Gaia.  It’s good work you’re doing, and I hope you’re able to keep it up.  I owe you one for this.\\
 +>​That’s about it really. ​ Kranax is keeping well.  They still ask after you on occasion. ​ I mean, not so much ask as curse your name and shout skyward about what they’re going to do when they find you.  It’s pretty graphic.\\
 +>Anyway, I hope you’re well.  Do stay in touch. ​ Maybe we could do lunch sometime.\\
 +>PS: Yes, the boxes are from me.  Yes, all of them.  Thought I’d teach Kranax a little humility, so now whenever they’ve made or found one of these things, I’ve been mailing them to you.  Figured there was no-one better to take care of them.  Although, they’ve got some weird magical properties, so you might not want to store them inside each other. ​ You haven’t been doing that, right?\\
 +>It’ll probably be fine.
 +--- A letter from Kimaris to Gideon. ​ Attached is a gold feather, stored in an ornately decorated box. 
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