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 Room for one more?: Holly/​Nathan\\ Room for one more?: Holly/​Nathan\\
 But I want you: Nyx/​everything\\ But I want you: Nyx/​everything\\
 +Adorable Nerds OMG: Max/​Lauren\\
 +Hidden Order Power Couple: Vyania/​Holly\\
 **Jazrael The Magnificent,​ Truest of Ships, Pairing To End All Pairings, Officially Endorsed By The Entire GM Team And 100% Canon: James/​Azrael**\\ ​ **Jazrael The Magnificent,​ Truest of Ships, Pairing To End All Pairings, Officially Endorsed By The Entire GM Team And 100% Canon: James/​Azrael**\\ ​
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 Nate: I leave this to the Filings. Inexplicably.\\ Nate: I leave this to the Filings. Inexplicably.\\
 +James: "I am //not// drunk enough for this shit!" *Holds up hip-flask* "and this is straight //​whiskey//​!"​\\
 +James: I'm one of the most apathetic people I know!\\
 +Layla: Congratulations,​ you're amongst the people who give the most shits about this.\\
 ======Brilliant lines from our turnsheets====== ======Brilliant lines from our turnsheets======
 Respek to the GMs. \\ Respek to the GMs. \\
Line 385: Line 392:
 Matilda: Mastema owns your ass.\\ Matilda: Mastema owns your ass.\\
 +Sally: '​Average Omen player rended ten times per session'​ is actually just a stastistical error. Nathaniel Bloom is an outlier and should not have been counted.\\
 +Emma: "​I'​m not sure what's going on, but I'm sure its your fault!"​\\
 +George: "Why my fault?"​\\
 +Florence: "​Because you're involved with everything?"​\\
 +Katy: Giving PCs the souls of dead NPCs is my new favourite thing, and I'm sad it took me this long to discover it\\
 +Emma: Oh my god, Katy. Your second favourite thing is apparently getting people to date the seraph of Death. THIS HAS BEEN A VOYAGE OF SELF-DISCOVERY FOR EVERYONE, I GUESS.\\
 +Katy: Oh no, that is my favourite thing. NPC souls can be my second favourite\\
 ======= STEVIE NYX [gif warning] ======= ======= STEVIE NYX [gif warning] =======
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   * fanfics   * fanfics
   * dialectics   * dialectics
 +===== Wildly Inappropriate Things to do with Your Curse =====
 +**'​Feel the pain of others':​** \\
 +Become a therapist\\
 +Test the theory that while undergoing surgery people do feel pain they just forget!\\
 +Engage in an S&M orgy which will be thoroughly confusing for most people involved\\
 +**'​Things spontaneously combust around you':​**\\
 +Become a fire fighter\\
 +Work in a paper factory\\
 +... Plan anything involving chloroforming one of your closest friends\\
 +...Assemble a pile of flammable objects whilst in a small spaceship with a rapidly dwindling oxygen supply ​   //no wonder I tried to kill you//\\
 +**'​Hurting Angels makes you physically ill':​**\\
 +**'​Experience a flash-forward to your own death every time you rest'​**\\
 +... Honestly, I'm not sure what the appropriate response is to that one\\
 +**'You are suffering from waking dreams, that cause you to every so often relive the moments of death of those you have brought close to death.'​**\\
 +<​del>​Kill fewer people</​del> ​
 +Learn to revel in the feeling of being alive and victorious
 +**'You have frayed your metaphysical connection to the Earth.'​**\\
 +... make it into a patchwork quilt with the Snarl.\\
 +...go on a metaphysical spacewalk.\\
 +**'You will feel empathy with the stories of those around you, whether you want to or not.'​**\\
 +...hang out with really boring people and continue your plan for World Domination (TM)
 ====== F5 / ⌘R / refreshing recent changes mutual support station ====== ====== F5 / ⌘R / refreshing recent changes mutual support station ======
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   * ^ This remains my favourite thing on the playground - GMCA   * ^ This remains my favourite thing on the playground - GMCA
 ===== Seraph datability ===== ===== Seraph datability =====
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 ====== Omen Character Alignments ====== ====== Omen Character Alignments ======
-Nathaniel Bloom - Lawful Kinky\\+Nathaniel Bloom - Lawful ​<del>Kinky</​del>​ ANGSTY\\
 Nate Quail - Chaotic Fuckup\\ Nate Quail - Chaotic Fuckup\\
 Holly Prague - Neutral Done With This\\ Holly Prague - Neutral Done With This\\
Line 557: Line 607:
 Jim Crichton - Chaotic Violent\\ Jim Crichton - Chaotic Violent\\
 Dr Starling - Chaotic Good-he-hopes-he-really-hopes\\ Dr Starling - Chaotic Good-he-hopes-he-really-hopes\\
 +Nell - Aquatic Neutral\\
 +Violet Hale - True Cinnamon\\
 +====== Dispatches from the alternative timeline where the Radical Friendship Network won ======
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