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 +====== Eternity News ======
 +===== The Mount of Martyrs =====
 +A new monument has been constructed within New Paris. Called the Mount of Martyrs, it has been described by its creators (Maryam Lasalle and Artemis Smith) as a joint memorial for those that have been lost, as well as a celebration of the future that we have all been given.
 +The building itself has memorial plaques for each of the disasters that has wracked the world in recent months. On top of this, there is a library, a Vault of Knowledge, that all may come and spread the wealth of information.
 +===== Fight Club =====
 +It seems a number of people have gotten themselves into a rather fighty mood. Several videos of epic battles have popped on the internet, featuring some pretty awesome competitors. Some of the more popular videos include a fight between Catherine Sanderson and Kranax; Catherine and Caim; Vyania and Andras; and Layla, Kranax and North Sea. Quite what's got everyone so into beating the shit out of each other is unknown, but with the videos raking in millions of views, we don't think it's gonna stop any time soon.
 +===== New Designer Takes Paris By Storm =====
 +A demon by the name of Adaxia has taken the Paris fashion world by storm with her newly-released collection. There is a strong theme of lace, bows, and pink, all imbued with magic to enhance them. Some of the more wearable pieces are already having a noticeable effect on street fashion! ​
 +===== Amina Angelcake Murdered =====
 +Amina Angelcake, the notorious wanted criminal has been murdered by an unknown party before she could stand trial. She was found brutally ripped to pieces. Investigations are ongoing.
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