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 +======Violet Hale - Isabella M======
 +> Even now, we can see the profound impact that Violet Hale had on the Seekers. We’ve already discussed what she achieved before that final battle with Nyx, but it was afterwards, when the Seekers needed her the most to help pick up the pieces, that she really shone. She led the efforts in rebuilding the Manse, and her original layout still survives today. She became Gatekeeper not long after, no no-one’s surprise.
 +> It was said that you could always find Violet Hale at her desk, hair tied back and with a black coffee in her hands, dealing with a never-ending stream of admin. She always said she loved the work. She always had time for anyone who stopped by though, setting aside her work to chat, or just working together in silence. Plenty of Seekers would sneak after her on Thursdays to watch her fight with Kranax and Kimaris in a nearby clearing, and eventually it became a weekly tradition for the Seekers to come and spectate. Seekers who joined after she became Gatekeeper speak fondly of her, and of how she always made time to help each one of them along their Path. Her Sunday dinners and Christmas parties are remembered fondly by every Seeker who attended them.
 +--- An extract from //A Complete History Of The Seekers// by Willow Allen, published in July 2106.
 +//The camera pans down through a lushly CGI'd volcano to come to rest a woman thrown dramatically over a dead body, sobbing as people fight in the background. She looks up to reveal streaks of blood on her otherwise perfectly made-up face.//
 +'​That'​s it. You've taken my one true love from me, Nyx, and now I'm going to take your love from you!'
 +//She stands up, dramatically tearing her skirt away to reveal the stiletto heels and fishnet tights she was wearing underneath. She uses part of the fabric to tie her hair up, somehow managing to get a perfectly elegant messy bun. She hefts her sword above her head and charges at the scantily clad figure with six wings.//
 +--- From //Meet Me In Havering Hill//, a romantic film about the events surrounding the Death of Heaven
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