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 +======Richard Munroe======
 +>Munroe has always been a curiosity when discussing the scientific community of the 2020'​s. The immense body of work he left behind is rather a marvel, and it is a great tragedy he was taken from us so soon. Indeed it was often said his own mortality was what inspired such a high output of work, for which we can only be grateful.
 +>It is not only the volume of writings produced which is impressive, but the range of subjects which are covered within. While almost all focus on various aspects of magic, the whole spectrum of the subject appears to be touched upon at one point or another. Through his eyes, have built a more solid foundation of the limits of magic, in all its forms, which forms the cornerstone of our modern understanding of these elements.
 +>Had his presence in the scientific community lasted longer, who knows what might have been achieved working with other luminaries of the period.
 +--- an excerpt from //The Science Behind the Omens//
 +>The disappearance of Richard Munroe was always a curious tale. A prominent scientist, he completely vanished shortly after making grand efforts to rebuild New York after its tragic destruction. The only notable evidence that remained was a pyramid, similar in design to a number of other pyramids that were constructed at the time.
 +>The pyramid iconography is one that has a deep connection to conspiracies throughout history, and so it is no great surprise that rumours soon started circulating about some deeper conspiracy at play. Most of these were the conventional sort - governments killing off or kidnapping Munroe for his visionary ideas, or because he had been working on some secret government project. Others speculate that the whole thing was Orchestrated by Munroe himself, as part of some grand scheme for power.
 +>Of course the truth may never fully be known. There have been calls to smash open the pyramid to see what's inside, but the pyramid has become rather a monument to the man who rebuilt New York, and in his memory the building remains protected in its current state." ​
 +--- an excerpt from //Modern Myths// by Vanessa Cyrene, 2029.
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