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 +====== Richard Meyshon (Rouven K) ======
 +>When discussing important figures from around the era, Richard Meyshon is a name that can sometimes get missed out, as their actions fall largely towards the events of the time. However in doing so one misses out one of the key figures of the time, and any good account of the events in question ought to include Meyshon front and centre.
 +>Indeed, alongside their important work altering the "​boring field" (as it was known), preserving our planet for generations to come, they were also instrumental in the reconstruction of the "​Manse",​ with the other remaining Seekers. Such an influential change cannot be denied, as without them the future of the Seekers could well be very different from the one we know today.
 +>After all this, public records get a bit thin. Those close to him indicated he opted for early retirement, returning to Bournemouth to leave a quiet and peaceful life after the tumultuous events of the period. Apparently Richard was an avid painter, and rumour has it that some of the picture now hanging in the new Manse are indeed some of his own pieces, though they are hard to attribute.
 +--- //Pioneers of the Future// - Xander Jones
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