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 +====== Nicholas Queensbury ======
 +>**Who is The Artist?**
 +>​Everywhere you go, you are likely to find reference to him. He seems to have travelled the world extensively,​ never staying in one place for long. He never gives a name, but his art has ended up in galleries world-wide. Thanks to him, despots have been overthrown, gangs disbanded, and numerous crimes thwarted. His public lectures on the nature and uses of magic increase interest in the subject wherever he travels.
 +- Extract from //Modern Myths// by Vanessa Cyrene
 +//Subject א has once again managed to evade surveillance. Despite multiple agents in position, visual confirmation of position was lost on א after they merged with a crowd of people outside the initial point of contact. Currently attempting to regain visual.//
 +//Attempt to investigate dwelling of Subject א was thwarted by inability of agents to enter the dwelling after breaking the door open. Visual inspection of the interior from outside the dwelling consistent with magical protections in place. Door replaced with identical version, and damage repaired. Suspect subject א may be aware of surveillance. Continue tracking from a distance until further notice.//
 +//Subject א met up with multiple individuals,​ temporarily designated Б and Ж. Subjects proceeded to set up numerous sensors before chanting in a ritual manner. Shortly afterwards, visual confirmation was lost on all 3 subjects. Rapid data gathering led to discovery of a confused subject Ж in a nearby park. Permanent surveillance of Location Θ-295-Ξ until Subject א can be relocated recommended.//​
 +//Subject א is moving on once again. Despite best efforts, agents were unable to intercept, and tracking א whilst on the move has proven unreliable. Agents will be put back on standby until new location is confirmed.//​
 +//Subject א was instrumental in success against outbreak of Threat Phoenix, Category X. Recommend upgrade to priority target status, attempt recruitment at nearest opportunity.//​
 +- Records of unknown origin recovered from building fire. 
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