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 +======Nadnozza (Idan H)======
 +>We are now entering the third week of police investigations into the disappearance of Nadnozza. Unfortunately inquiries are being hampered by inconsistent descriptions of Nadnozza’s physical appearance. Anyone with an accurate image of Nadnozza, who has met with them and can describe them, is urged to come forward and help the investigation.
 +--- Article from //The Sunup Tribune//, dated 2020.
 +>​Nadnozza was one of the rare angels of death that started life as a human, becoming an angel after their death. It is unknown what happened to them, but they were not part of the final group of angels that fled the Aether in the summer of 2021. It is presumed that Nadnozza was yet another one of the angels who was lost in the initial Nyx incursions. As far as I know, they served their Seraph loyally during their brief time as an angel of Death.
 +--- Extract from //A Listing Of Angels Of Death// by Myeong Song, published in 2026
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