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 +======Ivory Skye======
 +> The dance demon franchise has always had some of the best mechanics in the genre. Needless to say this latest title in the series continues this trend with the awesome new power-moves for each character, making your ritual-dancing feel even more epic than in previous games.
 +>The story for this title is based off the real life figure Ivory Skye (which has to be one of the most awesome character models in any game recently), and the plot is based loosely around their epic battle with Shax. The real-life dance off that is used as the tutorial level had some pretty strict rules about magic use, but the game opts to stick to the series guns, using the magical-dance fighting style that's seen the series rise to popularity.
 +>From there, the plot follows the rest of Ivory'​s life quite loosely. While the real life Ivory helped rebuild the Hallowed Chamber, and integrate Angels and Demons peacefully into Metatron, the game opts for the much cooler storyline of Ivory battling off Demons as revenge for destroying the Hallowed Chamber.
 +>​Completing the game will unlock the Nyx-mode, a much more difficult version of the game where you have to battle Nyx-versions of all the Demons from the original story. This is the Demon Dance experience we all love, it's just a shame that the Nyx-ed character models are a less exciting than the normal versions.
 +>​Regardless of the liberties taken with the story, Demon Dance 2022 is a great new addition to the series, with really satisfying battles, and an awesome soundtrack to top it off.
 +--- A review of the new game //Dance Demon 2022//
 +> In loving memory of Ivory Skye
 +> Who took a band of fighters and optimistists
 +> And made us what we are today.
 +> You will be missed.
 +--- Plaque on a dovecote in the gardens of the Hallowed Chamber
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