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 +======Dmitri Matthews (James W)======
 +>One figure from that fateful election was Dmitri Matthews. Dmitri was not a prominent member of the White Quill at that time, however he had a large impact behind the scenes. Rather than participating in the power struggles, he was known for the selfless help he offered to other members of the faction. It is my personal belief that members like him were the reason that the White Quill held together for as long as it did, after the disastrous summoning gone wrong.
 +>The White Quill had always had a strong sense of unity within itself, despite the seeming chaos in its structure and ideology. I think Dmitri is a wonderful example of that. You can find records of Dmitri helping with break ins, as well as helping the candidates in the election. Of course, in the end, the help of Dmitri and members like him was not enough to save the White Quill.
 +--- Extract from //The Downfall Of The White Quill// by Rachel Harper, published in 2035.
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