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Equality and Themes

All games run by the Oxford University Role-Playing Games Society are subject to the Conduct and Acceptable Themes Policy which can be found on the OURPGSoc website. It is expected that all GMs and players will be familiar with this policy when playing Omen.

While Omen is not designed to be inherently dark, a lot of dark themes run through it. Your characters may be put through the wringer, but the GM team does not want to make players uncomfortable. Thus we have included a list of potentially upsetting topics which may be included in the game, including the situations in which you might encounter them.

Please feel free to let the GM team know any topic (including those listed below) that you would prefer to avoid - whilst we cannot guarantee to keep you from it, particularly where other players are involved, we will do our best.

Potentially sensitive topics that will/may occur

These topics will be present in the game to some degree. It is likely that your character will be directly exposed to several of them, and you will hear about more second hand. It is expected that you treat these subjects in an appropriate manner

Banned Topics

These topics must not be mentioned, even in backstory, by either the players or the GMs.

Section 4.4 of the CAT Policy

Under Section 4.4 of the CAT Policy anyone has the right to request to be kept apart from another person, as far as is possible. The GM Team have given this some consideration. We will do our best to honour such requests, but would like players to note the following:

The game takes place in one room and it is not possible to keep people apart physically. The GMs will do our best to keep people apart in turnsheet actions. We can agree that two people will have a mutual avoidance policy and will do their best to not stray into each others' areas of game. No blame is attributed to either side because of this.

However, the game is structured for plots to collide and for factions to work together, and we cannot promise you will never be on the same action, for example, big boss fights with everyone involved. When and if this happens we expect players to deal with it sensibly, for example, not talking directly to each other in large group conversations.

If you have any questions about this please contact the GM Team.